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Elf on the Shelf herself: Mom spreads Christmas cheer with costumed photos

She's not your typical Elf on the Shelf.

Despite her shyness, Sheri Gillam says she's pleased her posts are making people happy

Sheri Gillam made her debut this Christmas as a real life Elf on the Shelf by posing on the roof of her Bonavista, N.L., home. (Facebook)

It's certainly not your typical Elf on the Shelf.

One Bonavista, N.L., woman is taking the Christmas craze a step further by dressing up in a costume and taking daily photos of herself getting into all sorts of mischief.

Sheri Gillam first put on the elf costume last Christmas, when she was asked to play a role in a skit at her Anglican church.

One of Gillam's favourites so far was when she posed inside the freezer of the local Foodland store, eating ice cream. (Facebook)

The night before the skit she tried the suit on at home so her then-two-year-old son could get familiar seeing her in it and not be scared.

It's hard, I'm not as small as that little Elf on the Shelf doll.- Sheri Gillam

Spontaneously, she decided to get in her son's crib with the costume on for a photo, which then made the rounds on Facebook.

This whole year, people kept asking her if she was going to wear the costume for Christmas.

Just like the toy Elf on the Shelf, Gillam's elf character has an affinity for anything sweet and sugary. (Facebook)

"I said, 'I think I'm going to do this again,'' Gillam told the CBC Radio's Central Morning.

Like the Elf on the Shelf toy phenomenon, Gillam decided this year she would pose in a different mischievous situation each day and share a photo on social media.

Gillam says she's been getting a great response with her daily photo shares. (Facebook)

She made her debut post this year by posing on the roof of her house.

Other photos so far include eating ice cream in the local grocery store freezer, having hockey pucks shot at her in a goalie net at the stadium, and napping in a bed at a furniture store.

Her husband takes the photos and, along with her mother and friends, helps her come up with new ideas for where to pose next.

"They say, 'maybe you should try this, maybe you should try that, this would be a good one,'" she said.

"It's hard, I'm not as small as that little Elf on the Shelf doll."

Some of the ideas for Gillam's daily elf poses come from her husband, mother and friends. Here she is letting a local kids hockey team shoot pucks at her at the local rink. (Facebook)

It's a tradition that seems to make people happy, Gillam said, and even though she's usually a reserved person she's willing to put herself out there to make others smile during the holidays.

"Some people this time of year, it's hard for them, so to have people there getting a laugh out of it, wondering what's happening next — if it can take their mind off of it for even a minute, it's worth it for me."

Check out some more of Gillam's real life Elf on the Shelf photos below:

Gillam and the big guy himself during the Bonavista Santa Claus parade. (Facebook)
Gillam says local businesses, such as Cohen's Home Furnishings, have been good sports by letting her take photos inside. (Facebook)
Gillam's elf often finds itself in 'sticky' situations. (Facebook)
An Elf on the Shelf with a chicken? Why not. (Facebook)

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