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RCMP requests outside probe after officer finds son behind wheel at suspected impaired crash

The police have asked the provincial government to assign an external body to investigate an officer who responded to an incident allegedly involving his son.

Major crimes unit handling crash, but another body will investigate officer

Poles lay buckled where a fence once stood, and the siding and shutters are demolished on a house in Upper Island Cove. The driver who allegedly collided with the property is the son of the RCMP officer who was first on scene. (Eddy Kennedy/CBC)

The Mounties have asked the provincial government to assign an outside body to investigate an officer's actions after his son allegedly crashed a car into a house in Upper Island Cove.

According to the homeowner, the young man plowed through his fence and into his house on a narrow street off the main road.

An officer from the Bay Roberts detachment responded to a call of a suspected impaired driver.

Police say the officer didn't realize the driver was his relative until he arrived on scene of the crash, at which point he passed the investigation off to another officer.

However, the homeowner told CBC News that the first officer was the only one on scene when he returned home to find his fence destroyed and his house damaged.

Knowing the family connection, the homeowner said he requested to speak with another officer instead.

From his house, he could see the damaged vehicle parked in a driveway a few hundred feet down the road.

Police are not saying if the suspect left the scene in his own vehicle, but confirm there have been no arrests made to date.

The RCMP's major crimes unit is now investigating the crash, while they wait for an external body to be assigned to investigate the officer's response.

It is not yet known if the first responding officer remains on active duty.

The homeowner, meanwhile, says all he wants is for his house and fence to be repaired back to the way it was before.

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