Gander RCMP investigating sudden death of teen amid social media comments

Police say they have investigators speaking to family and friends, and are looking to hear from anyone who had personal contact with the teenager before she died.

Chief medical examiner also involved in investigation

Staff Sgt. Roger Flynn says Gander RCMP want to speak with people who might have talked with the girl on the day of her death, or just before. (Chris Ensing/CBC)

Police have launched an investigation into the sudden death of a 14-year-old girl in Gander. 

RCMP say the death happened in the afternoon on Tuesday, Feb. 6., and police are looking to speak with anyone who had contact with the girl in the days prior to her death.

"We'll be conducting interviews and inquiries in the area for the next two or three days," said Staff Sgt. Roger Flynn, with the Gander RCMP detachment.

"We are aware of recent social media posts, and some other media outlets have published those posts. However what we're asking is if anyone has any direct information related to the incident to contact us directly."

Flynn said that police investigate all sudden deaths that occur outside a hospital, but added that more resources have been assigned for this particular investigation.

"I think with some of the details that have been released through traditional media and through social media, as you can appreciate, some of the circumstances — and the young age of the victim — have caused us to want to do a more thorough investigation."

Police would not confirm the cause of death, nor would they comment directly on the social media posts and what they contain.

Flynn wouldn't say if there is any suspicion that a crime occurred.

He said police were looking to speak with people who had personal contact with the 14-year-old on the day of her death, or the day before.

The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District said it is also sending extra resources to the area.

"A crisis response team, including guidance and educational psychologist supports, have been deployed to a school in Gander in response to a tragic circumstance," the school district said in a statement Friday.