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RCMP finishes investigation into Don Dunphy's death

The RCMP has completed its final report in the investigation into the shooting death of Don Dunphy.
Don Dunphy, seen speaking with CBC News during a 2011 interview, was shot to death in his home on April 5., 2015. (CBC)

The RCMP has completed its final report in the investigation into the shooting death of Don Dunphy by a Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officer.

According to the RCMP, arrangements are now being made to have an external investigation service complete an independent review of the file.

"They will review the file for thoroughness, competency and overall accuracy," said RCMP spokesperson
Laura Hepditch in a statement.

The RCMP said it cannot provide any further details on the investigation until it receives the results of the independent review and completes any required follow-up.

"We continue to be in regular contact with the Dunphy family and understand and respect that they, as well as the general public, are anxious to learn the results of our investigation," Hepditch said.

Dunphy was shot and killed by RNC officer Joe Smyth last April.

Smyth, a member of former premier Paul Davis's security detail, went to Dunphy's house to investigate tweets made by Dunphy about Davis and other politicians.

The RCMP said that Dunphy pointed a loaded gun at Smyth, which was why the officer fired his weapon.

Justice and Public Safety Minister Andrew Parsons had said the government will proceed with a public inquiry into the shooting, but that it cannot do so until the police investigation is complete.