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Another RCMP doctor accused of sexual assault, but N.L. police not laying charges

After doctors in Toronto and Halifax were investigated and cleared, police in Newfoundland and Labrador confirmed a similar case was handled in the province.

RNC say 7 'historical' complaints were investigated

There have been complaints in three provinces about doctors sexually assaulting patients during physical exams required by the RCMP. (CBC)

On the heels of news a Nova Scotia doctor wouldn't be charged after 152 RCMP officers and civilians complained of sexual misconduct, police in Newfoundland and Labrador are confirming a different doctor faced seven similar complaints in their province.

A spokesperson for the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary said the force investigated the complaints but decided against laying charges.

Police won't say when and where the alleged incidents took place, other than to say the complaints were "historical" in nature.

It's similar to outcomes of investigations in Nova Scotia and Ontario, where former RCMP recruits — mostly female — complained their medical examinations involved an unnecessary amount of invasive and exploitative tests.

Karen Miller, a retired RCMP officer, said the Bedford, N.S., doctor made her go through breast, vaginal and rectal exams. She also said the doctor made her touch her toes in a backless hospital gown while he stood behind her.

Miller was a recruit at the time of the tests, and needed the doctor to sign off on her exam so she could begin training in Regina.

There were 152 complaints of sexual assault against that doctor.

The RNC is not releasing the name of the person it investigated, but a spokesperson confirmed it was not the same name as the doctor in Nova Scotia.

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