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Colourful crosswalks in Corner Brook celebrate pride

The first of two new crossings in the city now sports rainbow colours to spread a message of diversity.

First of two crossings in the city gets the rainbow treatment

The city's first rainbow crosswalk was painted Monday. (Brian McHugh/CBC)

The first of two crosswalks in Corner Brook now sports a rainbow of colours, to spread a message of diversity and pride in the western Newfoundland city.

"Sometimes we say the words, but I think it's important to take the action as well, and demonstrate through something as simple as this that we're committed to an open and diverse community," Mayor Charles Pender told CBC Radio's Corner Brook Morning Show.

Mayor Charles Pender, Councillor Linda Chaisson and student Shelby Thomas are all proud of the city's pride. (Brian McHugh/CBC)

The crosswalk on University Drive connects the Arts and Culture Centre to Corner Brook Regional High School, much to the delight of student Shelby Thomas, with the school's Pride Alliance.

 Every time someone crosses this sidewalk it will make them think this community is part of the city of Corner Brook- Shelby Thomas

"I was ecstatic. This sidewalk really is a symbol of acceptance," she said, adding it's a good reminder not just for students.

"It's just such a casual thing thrown into our everyday lives. Every time someone crosses this sidewalk it will make them think this community is part of the city of Corner Brook, and every day we need to learn to accept more and more."

Another rainbow en route

The colourful crosswalk was the brainchild of city councillor Linda Chaisson, who spotted one in Vancouver a few years ago.

"I said, oh my gosh, why can we not have that in the city of Corner Brook? Corner Brook welcomes everybody, and it makes it visible," she said, happy to have the idea finally realized.

With the first crossing completed Monday, city crews will now start painting a second rainbow downtown on Park Street.

"We wanted it down by City Hall, just to let them know that City Hall is very open, to everyone," said Chaisson.

With files from the Corner Brook Morning Show