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Quidi Vidi Brewery's summer suds SOS: Bring bottles back

The St. John's brewery is cleaned out of its recognizable blue Iceberg bottles.

Despite 2 new 120-barrel tanks to try meet summer demand, St. John's microbrewery sells out

Quidi Vidi Brewery is short on several of its products, but they're in particular need of returns of the blue bottles used for Iceberg beer. (CBC)

A St. John's brewery is in a delightful business quandary: their beer is so in demand, they've run out of bottles.

Quidi Vidi Brewing posted on Facebook Tuesday, sending an SOS to customers to bring back their empty bottles so the company can get more product bottled and out on shelves.

"It's not just the blue beer bottles," says Justin Fong, with Quidi Vidi Brewery's sales and marketing team.

"It's been an extremely crazy summer so we've been selling more beer than we ever have before, and we are just absolutely out of Iceberg beer bottles right now."

Two new brews are sellouts 

The company released two new brews earlier this summer, and expected to be able to keep up with demand, thanks to the addition of two additional 120-barrel tanks at the brewery.

But within a week of launching a new IPA and another beer, the lines sold out.

"It takes about three weeks to brew these beers so these batches were supposed to last until the next batch came out, three weeks later, and they both just sold out in under a week. So we're short on all of our beers this summer," Fong said.

"It was extremely well received … but a lot of people are a little upset because they haven't had a chance to try them."

For a company, it's a pretty good problem to have, Fong said.

"But it's still a pretty big pain when you can't provide beer for everyone who wants one."

The Facebook post on the brewery's page was shared more than 1,000 times, and Fong said all day Wednesday people have been returning the blue bottles to the brewery and to local recycling depots.

The brewery is located in historic Quidi Vidi. (Submitted by Alick Tsui)

"We've just been out in our van basically picking up bottles all day and we've actually got almost enough to do a run of Iceberg that we need the bottles for, so it's actually worked out really well," he said.

"We still need a bunch more — I'm not saying stop there, don't bring any more back, we still do need more — but we got a ton back today, which is excellent."

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With files from Stephen Miller