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Full list of winners in Newfoundland and Labrador election

All votes have been counted in the 2015 Newfoundland and Labrador election, showing a Liberal majority.

The winner's names are bolded

Voters in Newfoundland and Labrador cast ballots Monday to determine who is heading to Confederation Building in St. John's. (Submitted by Tim Morrill)

All votes have been counted in the 2015 Newfoundland and Labrador election, showing a Liberal majority.

The Liberals took 31 seats, the Tories have seven and the NDP kept two seats in the House of Assembly.

1. Baie Verte—Green Bay

HOWSE, Matt (New Democratic Party) 
POLLARD, Kevin (Progressive Conservative Party) 
WARR, Brian (Liberal Party) 

2. Bonavista

KING, Neil  (Liberal Party)
LITTLE, Glen (Progressive Conservative Party)
POWER, Adrian  (New Democratic Party)
RYAN GUY, Johanna (Not affiliated)

3. Burgeo—La Poile

​DARMONKOW, Georgia (Progressive Conservative Party)
McKEOWN, Kelly  (New Democratic Party)
PARSONS, Andrew  (Liberal Party)

4. Burin—Grand Bank

FLEMING, Terence  (Progressive Conservative Party)
HALEY, Carol Anne  (Liberal Party)
PENTON, Ambrose  (New Democratic Party)

5. Cape St. Francis

GALLANT, Geoff  (Liberal Party)
GRUCHY, Mark  (New Democratic Party)
PARSONS, Kevin  (Progressive Conservative Party)

6. Carbonear—Trinity—Bay de Verde

COISH, David  (New Democratic Party) 
COLE, Ed  (Not affiliated)
CROCKER, Steve  (Liberal Party)
SHEA, Tomás  (Progressive Conservative Party)

7. Cartwright—L'Anse au Clair

​DEMPSTER, Lisa  (Liberal Party)
DEON, Jennifer  (New Democratic Party)
MACKENZIE, Jason  (Progressive Conservative Party)

8. Conception Bay—East Bell Island

BRAZIL, David  (Progressive Conservative Party)
DUMARESQUE, Danny  (Liberal Party)
KAVANAGH, Bill  (New Democratic Party)

9. Conception Bay South

CLARKE, Jeanne  (New Democratic Party)
PETTEN, Barry  (Progressive Conservative Party)
PORTER, Steve  (Liberal Party) 

10. Corner Brook

BYRNE, Gerry (Liberal Party)
PIKE, Holly (New Democratic Party)
WHEATON, Neville (Progressive Conservative Party)

11. Exploits

DEAN, Jerry (Liberal Party)
FORSEY, Clayton (Progressive Conservative Party)
HENLEY, Bridget (New Democratic Party)

12. Ferryland

HUTCHINGS, Keith (Progressive Conservative Party)
MARSHALL, Jeff (Liberal Party)
ROSSITER, Mona (New Democratic Party)

13. Fogo Island—Cape Freels

​BRAGG, Derrick (Liberal Party)
CROSS, Eli (Progressive Conservative Party)
STUCKEY, Rebecca (New Democratic Party

14. Fortune Bay—Cape La Hune

​CARTER, Bill (Liberal Party)
PERRY, Tracey (Progressive Conservative Party)
SKINNER, Mildred (New Democratic Party)

15. Gander

HAGGIE, John (Liberal Party)
MENCHION, Ryan (Progressive Conservative Party)
NORMAN, Lukas (New Democratic Party)

16. Grand Falls-Windsor— Buchans

BARNES, Rex  (Not affiliated) 
HAWKINS, Allan (Liberal Party)
KEATING, Meghan (New Democratic Party)
WHIFFEN, Mark (Progressive Conservative Party)

17. Harbour Grace— Port de Grave

BURT, Kathleen (New Democratic Party) 
LITTLEJOHN, Glenn (Progressive Conservative Party)
PARSONS, Pam (Liberal Party)

18. Harbour Main

BUCKLE, Curtis (Progressive Conservative Party)
FLAHERTY, Ray (New Democratic Party)
PARSLEY, Betty (Liberal Party)

19. Humber— Bay of Islands

CURTIS, Conor (New Democratic Party)
JESSEAU, Ron (Progressive Conservative Party)
JOYCE, Eddie (Liberal Party)

20. Humber—Gros Morne

BALL, Dwight (Liberal Party)
GOOSNEY, Mike (New Democratic Party)
PELLEY, Graydon (Progressive Conservative Party)

21. Labrador West

BARRON, Ron (New Democratic Party)
LETTO, Graham (Liberal Party)
McGRATH, Nick K. (Progressive Conservative Party)

22. Lake Melville

MICHELIN, Arlene (New Democratic Party)
RUSSELL, Keith (Progressive Conservative Party)
TRIMPER, Perry (Liberal Party)

23. Lewisporte—Twillingate

BENNETT, Derek (Liberal Party)
BUSHELL, Hillary (New Democratic Party)
DALLEY, Derrick (Progressive Conservative Party)

24. Mount Pearl North

KENT, Steve (Progressive Conservative Party)
MERCER-MAILLET, Cameron (New Democratic Party)
SIMMS, Randy (Liberal Party)

25. Mount Pearl—Southlands

LANE, Paul (Liberal Party)
LESTER, Jim (Progressive Conservative Party)
LOCKE, Roy (New Democratic Party)

26. Mount Scio

CHURCHILL HERDER, Rhonda (Progressive Conservative Party)
KIRBY, Dale (Liberal Party)
PANTING, Sean (New Democratic Party)

27. Placentia—St. Mary's

BECK, Peter (New Democratic Party)
GAMBIN-WALSH, Sherry (Liberal Party)
MANNING, Judy (Progressive Conservative Party)

28. Placentia West—Bellevue

BROWNE, Mark (Liberal Party)
PEACH, Calvin (Progressive Conservative Party)
WARREN, Bobbie (New Democratic Party)

29. St. Barbe—L'Anse aux Meadows

BROUILLETTE, Genevieve (New Democratic Party)
MITCHELMORE, Christopher (Liberal Party)
MITCHELMORE, Ford (Progressive Conservative Party)

30. St. George's—Humber

OSMOND, Greg (Progressive Conservative Party)
REID, Scott (Liberal Party)
SNOOK, Shane (New Democratic Party)

31. St. John's Centre

HICKS, Kathie (Progressive Conservative Party)
ROGERS, Gerry (New Democratic Party)
SULLIVAN, Lynn (Liberal Party)

32. St. John's East—Quidi Vidi

ANTLE, Paul (Liberal Party)
COLLIER, Joshua (Progressive Conservative Party)
MICHAEL, Lorraine (New Democratic Party)

33. St. John's West

COADY, Siobhan (Liberal Party)
CRUMMELL, Dan (Progressive Conservative Party)
McCURDY, Earle (New Democratic Party)

34. Stephenville—Port au Port

CORNECT, Tony (Progressive Conservative Party)
FINN, John (Liberal Party)
HANCOCK, Bernice (New Democratic Party)

35. Terra Nova

BLUNDON, Bert (New Democratic Party)
COLLINS, Sandy (Progressive Conservative Party)
HOLLOWAY, Colin (Liberal Party)

36. Topsail—Paradise

BRUCE, Chris (New Democratic Party)
DAVIS, Paul (Progressive Conservative Party)
HILLIER, Rex (Liberal Party)

37. Torngat Mountains

EDMUNDS, Randy (Liberal Party) 
SHARKEY, Mark (New Democratic Party)
VOKEY, Sharon (Progressive Conservative Party)

38. Virginia Waters—Pleasantville

​BUCKINGHAM, Bob (New Democratic Party)
CROSBIE, Beth (Progressive Conservative Party)
DAVIS, Bernard (Liberal Party)

39. Waterford Valley

COFFIN, Alison (New Democratic Party)
OSBORNE, Tom (Liberal Party)
STOODLEY, Alison (Progressive Conservative Party)

40. Windsor Lake

BENNETT, Cathy (Liberal Party)
CLEARY, Ryan (Progressive Conservative Party)
ROWE, Don (New Democratic Party)


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