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Protest closes Corner Brook DFO offices

A protest of groundfish quotas by western Newfoundland fishermen closed federal fishery department offices in Corner Brook Thursday.
Fishermen protesting outside the DFO offices in Corner Brook on June 2. (CBC)

A protest of groundfish quotas by western Newfoundland fishermen closed federal fishery department offices in Corner Brook Thursday.

It's a continuation of a protest at the same building late last month when fishermen occupied offices.

About a hundred fishermen returned Thursday morning, but this time they didn't get inside.

Food, Fish and Allied Workers union officials are calling it a peaceful protest that includes union members from as far south as  Burnt Islands in southwestern Newfoundland, and the Northern Peninsula.

Government workers inside the building were sent home.

Union leader Dave Decker said it's a show of support for fisheries union president Earle McCurdy who has been in Ottawa meeting with N.L.'s regional Minister Peter Penashue and DFO officials to convince them decisions that have been made about halibut and turbot quotas are wrong.

The fishermen argue the quotas in their areas should have been larger.

A smaller group of fishermen is also protesting in Port au Choix. The fisheries department closed its offices there Thursday as well.