Prajwala Dixit


Prajwala Dixit is an Indian-Canadian writer. An engineer, wife and mother, she resides in St. John's.

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Ramadan on the Rock: Food, festivity and finding community

Columnist Prajwala Dixit leapt at the invitation to be part of the Muslim community's Ramadan celebrations in St. John's.
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I pay taxes, obey laws and give back to our province — but in this election I can't vote

Permanent residents contribute to the social, cultural and economic landscape of Newfoundland and Labrador, but we will not have a say on Thursday, writes Prajwala Dixit.

These parents wanted an all-weather playground for their kids, so they opened a business

Two parents used their own experiences to start a business that offers a safe, active place for kids to play.

Electioneering aside, it's time to alter the political DNA in N.L.

With a provincial election on the horizon, columnist Prajwala Dixit wonders how diverse the slate of candidates will be.
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Racist attacks make me feel like a guest in the place I've long called home

"Think of a slur like a punch. Whether it stems from ignorance or intent, the target of the attack still bears the brunt," writes Prajwala Dixit.
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Coffee culture, indeed: Why a generous cup of coffee meant so much during Hurricane Igor

When Prajwala Dixit moved to St. John's, she found that coffee was much more than a breakfast beverage.
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Christmas is here! Yay! But what about other religious holidays?

Canada may be a multicultural nation, but its public holidays include celebrations for just one religon, writes Prajwala Dixit.

Make space for the sharp minds and souls that come with immigration

Immigrants must be viewed as more than just mere bodies to fill jobs and procreate, writes Prajwala Dixit.
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Splat! Let's take a moment to pay tribute to babies, the real scientists of the world

To celebrate Science Literacy Week, take a good look at a baby near you, writes Prajwala Dixit.
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We were both '90s kids. We just happened to grow up half a world apart

I grew up in India, and my husband grew up in Canada, but '90s pop culture and values connect us deeply, writes Prajwala Dixit.

Citizenship confers a sense of belonging. It's more than just paper

Modifying the Citizenship Act for the sake of a few hundred births isn’t worth the risk of stateless children, legal limbo and perhaps just as importantly, feelings of unbelonging.

'Huge myths' and misjudgments: Immigrant parents share parenting stories in St. John's

Tricky issues were exposed when visible minority immigrant parents packed a St. John's school to talk about bringing about children in a new culture.
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No pay, no benefits, fussy client … and it's still the best job ever

Being a full-time parent is a job — a real job. Let's treat it like one, writes Prajwala Dixit.
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You never know what's around the corner, including in a tunnel at MUN

She came for a two-year postgraduate program, but Prajwala Dixit found quite a bit more than she expected.

Want to be an international student? Bring hope, and nerves of steel

International students at Memorial University share stories on the barriers that prevent them from making N.L. their permanent home.