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Port Union wraps up new heritage facelift

A group of architects are in the Bonavista peninsula town of Port Union to help finish up construction on a project with the town's heritage society.

Toronto architects spearheaded construction

Port Union restoration

9 years ago
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Architects from Toronto are helping with restoration in Port Union, reports Lindsay Bird

A group of architects from Toronto are in Port Union to help finish up construction on a project with the town's heritage society.

The Sir William Ford Coaker Heritage Foundation recently got control of several of the buildings last year, and has been trying to come up with ways to revitalize them for the community.

Edith Sampson says the foundation was surprised to hear from a group in Toronto who wanted to offer help.

"It kind of seemed like a far-out idea that architects from Toronto wanted to come in to help us," Sampson said.

She said the group brought in a fresh outlook on the project possibilities.

"We really wanted to have that outside view of what we were doing ourselves and trying to put everything together. Sometimes when you’re so deep in it yourself, you just need someone to look at it with a different lens."

Andrew Pruss, with Culture of Outports, says the group aims to build what the community feels it needs the most. (CBC)

Andrew Pruss, an architect with Culture of Outports, said the main goal was to find out from the community what they wanted done with the space.

"We actually want to make sure that we're listening to them and understanding what they want," Pruss said.

"So, engaging with the community is the number one priority."

Pruss said the overall ambition of the group is to provide their services to leave an impact on the community itself.

"Culture of Outports is actually not so much about what we build in the end, but about understanding the nature of the place, leaving something behind that will add to the character and value of their community."

The architects will be heading back to Toronto on Sunday. They have funding approved for another project in the province, but have yet to pick a destination.