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Wind farm company wants court to stop Port au Port protesters

World Energy GH2 is applying for a court injunction after weeks of demonstrators blocking its work site.

World Energy GH2 is applying for injunction after weeks of demonstrators blocking work site

A barrel fire is in the foreground of a protest of about 10 people carrying No Windmills signs.
Residents of Mainland take shifts blocking a road that leads to work on a wind power test site in Mainland. (Troy Turner/CBC)

The company behind a massive, multibillion-dollar green energy plan is asking Newfoundland and Labrador's top court to stop protestors from blocking access to its work sites on the Port au Port Peninsula.

Lawyers for World Energy GH2 were in Supreme Court in Corner Brook on Thursday afternoon for a hastily called hearing.

A group of protesters has been blocking an access road to one of World Energy's sites, on Newfoundland's west coast, for weeks.

The Crown land, near Mainland, has been identified as a site for a future meteorological evaluation tower, designed to collect data and help determine the future viability of a wind-powered hydrogen plant. 

World Energy wants to build 164 wind turbines, to power a hydrogen and ammonia plant in Stephenville.

Opponents of the project and the construction of the test tower say the work has caused problems with the community's supplemental water supply.

But the company says the local service district has not accepted its offer to investigate and help find solutions to any water issues.

It says the service district has installed what it calls an "illegal gate," blocking contractors from doing work in the area. 

In court Thursday, the judge asked World Energy to make some changes to the proposed order. 

It could be issued as soon as Friday, and the matter is expected to be back in court next week, after notice is given to the protesters.

A spokesperson for World Energy said the company is not commenting at this time.

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