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Police release further details in St. John's sex doll arrest

On Wednesday, RNC held a media briefing to provide more details concerning a child sex doll that was seized from a St. John's home the previous night.
A media briefing was held on Wednesday, giving further information on the child sex doll case. (CBC)

More details have come forth about Tuesday's child pornography arrest in St. John's, with officials saying they've never seen anything like a disturbing find in 20 years.

A St. John's man, 47, faces several charges after Canada Border Services agents intercepted a package at Toronto's Pearson International Airport in January destined for St. John's.

Authorities said the package contained a human-like figure, which turned out to be a child sex doll — illegal in Canada.

Police allowed the package to be delivered to the St. John's address. On Tuesday night, they went to the house, made an arrest, and seized the doll.

Darryl Hooper of the Canada Border Services Agency said, in 20 years, he's never seen an item like the child sex doll enter the country. (CBC)

Darryl Hooper is a long-time investigator with Canada Border Services. He spoke at Wednesday's media briefing, adding in 20 years he's never seen anything like this being brought into the country.

"Child pornography in its various forms is an ongoing worldwide issue, and we face it on a daily basis," said Hooper. "Whatever form it may fall into, whether it be a material, film, video or electronic means we see it on a daily basis."

It was also a first for police in the province — laying a charge in relation to a disturbing item seized in a child porn investigation.

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Cst. Talia Murphy said the doll looked like a child, and was dressed in a school uniform.

RNC Cst. Talia Murphy, addressing the media Wednesday, said the doll looked like a child and was dressed in a school uniform. (CBC)

"This doll has been deemed to be child pornography, it's approximately four foot two [inches tall], it's made of a foam-like material, it comes with accessories that would be used for sexual gratification purposes," said Murphy.

Hooper said Canada Border Services is working very closely with the RNC, as well as local law enforcement on a national and international level.

"We're just very fortunate to be able to take an item such as this off the street," he said.

The accused is facing charges of possession of child pornography, the mailing of obscene material, smuggling and possession of prohibited goods. He was released, pending a court date in April.