Polar bear warning issued in Cartwright

People in the comunity of Cartwright, coastal Labrador, are being warned to lookout for a polar bear.
This polar bear that wandered into Hopedale, Labrador, was shot by police on May 24. (Courtesy Jennifer Anne Dicker)

People in the community of Cartwright, coastal Labrador, have been warned to look out for a polar bear.

Newfoundland and Labrador's Wildlife Enforcment Office said Tuesday that a bear was spotted near the community, in an area known as Cape North.

Its movements are being monitored by wildlife officials.

Residents are being warned not to approach the animal.

On May 24, police killed a polar bear that was wandering in the coastal Labrador community of Hopedale after it was deemed a threat to public safety.

The large polar bear was photographed by residents and police as it walked between buildings in the community.  .