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Hear the pitches that could lead to the next TechNL success story

The Genesis Centre's "Pitch and Pick" competition gives young tech companies the chance to showcase their big ideas in front of an influential audience. Past participants like MySa have gone on to multimillion-dollar success, so the chance to follow in their footsteps is the real prize.

The Genesis Centre's 'Pitch and Pick' competition lets young tech companies put their ideas to the test

Could one of these pitches become the next TechNL success?

1 year ago
Duration 3:25
It's like "Dragon's Den", but for tech companies in Newfoundland & Labrador. The Genesis Centre's "Pitch and Pick" competition lets upstart entrepreneurs get their big idea in front of an influential audience, as they strive to become the next MySa or CoLab.

Could one of these companies become the province's next big tech success?

That's the excitement of "Pitch and Pick," a friendly competition among the upstart companies participating in the Genesis Centre's Incubator program at Memorial University. The company founders each take their turn on stage and pitch the ideas they've been developing to a panel of judges and an audience of influential figures in the business community. It's the Genesis Centre's version of Dragon's Den.

There's prize money up for grabs, but what's really on the line is the chance to follow in the footsteps of some of the provincial tech sector's biggest stars. Companies like MySa have been part of Pitch and Pick in the past, and gone on to multimillion-dollar success. Now the generation of entrepreneurs they've inspired are eager to join them.

So what are their big ideas? Watch the video above to find out.

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