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Pilots undeterred from flying following crash in Garnish Pond

Two men who escaped a float plane accident on the Burin Peninsula on Thursday say they were "surprised and shaken" by the incident — but will not stop flying.
Derek Morris and David Sperry were not injured in Thursday's crash of a float plane on the Burin Peninsula. A cabin owner is being credited for rescuing the two men. (Martine Blue/CBC)

Two men who escaped a float plane accident on the Burin Peninsula on Thursday say they were "surprised and shaken" by the incident — but will not be deterred from flying again.

The crash happened in Garnish Pond, near Marystown.

Derek Morris, 61, originally from Grand Bank, but now residing in Vernon, B.C., was learning some techniques from Frenchman's Cove resident David Sperry, 64.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada will be investigating the crash of the float plane. (Courtesy Wilf Emberley)
Both men are accredited pilots.

The men told the CBC's Martine Blue that around 3 p.m. Thursday, they attempted their fifth landing of the day.

However, the float on the plane's right side dipped into the water, dragging the right wing down. The plane landed on its right side, quickly taking on water.

Both Morris and Sperry said the accident was more shocking than scary.

The two men quickly managed to escape out of the pilot's door before the plane flipped upside down, landing on its pontoons.

They called the owner of the plane from their cell phone, who then alerted paramedics and the RCMP.

A cabin owner who saw the plane go down, told her husband, who then took off for the plane in his boat.

The plane's owner, Bruce Rose, tried to recover the plane on Friday morning, but was deterred by high winds and rain.

He plans to try again on Saturday. 

Rose said the mission will require towing the float plane to shore and turning it upright with a crane. The plane will then be transported to Halifax for assessment, and returned to flying condition.

The Transportation Safety Board will investigate Thursday's crash.