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Peter Cowan is a St. John's-based reporter with CBC News.

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FFAW vows to stop oil and gas exploration in crab fishing area

'If we've got to do it we'll go out with our vessels and we'll get in the way,' says a union executive member.

School board still scrambling to hire 89 teachers as classes begin

It's not unusual to have some last-minute positions to fill, but this year the board is dealing with a lot more.

Elizabeth May brings 'tough message' to oil-producing N.L.

Green Leader Elizabeth May says Newfoundland and Labrador needs to stop oil and gas production.

An explosive problem: How the navy cleans up WW II underwater leftovers

Nazi attacks during the Second World War left shipwrecks and unexploded shells at the bottom of Conception Bay, now the navy is cleaning them up

Bleak future presented as Muskrat Falls inquiry looks at financial impact

The Muskrat Falls inquiry is hearing some dire warnings as it enters a new phase that looks at the financial impact of the hydro megaproject.

Tax hike and fines looming as St. John's water treatment plant faces deadline

Communities in the St. John's area are warning there's no way they'll be able to meet new federal requirements to further treat waste water being pumped into the harbour.

Why one pilot is recognizing Alcock and Brown's flight 100 years later

Dave Paddon made a career of flying across the Atlantic, so he's helping to recognize Newfoundland's important role in the very first crossing 100 years ago.

Berg boom in Bonavista means big business

Visitors are willing to brave chilly May weather to get up close, and that's good news for entrepreneurs capitalizing on the growing tourism business those icebergs bring.

Big cuts or broken promises: No matter who wins the election, tough decisions are ahead

Despite a bleak financial picture, the main parties are promising tax cuts — a move that a political scientist describes as “disastrously irresponsible.”

'Hilariously humiliating fiasco': Former NDP candidate slams party's small slate of candidates

A former NDP candidate and organizer for the party says the executive only have themselves to blame for the party's smallest number of candidates in decades.

Stranded: Frustration builds as ferry cancellations ground both passengers and goods 

One St. John's woman has been waiting almost a month for her things to arrive, while two French tourists are cooling their heels.

Liberals launch committee to review political financing, but opposition calls it 'dishonest'

How political parties raise money could change before the next election, says Justice and Public Safety Minister Andrew Parsons.

The climbing popularity of scaling frozen waterfalls in Newfoundland

The climb may be called High Anxiety, but Terry Day is anything but anxious as he hauls the gear he needs from his Jeep to climb 40 metres of solid ice.

Premier's office could have done more to save BBMs during harassment investigation, says report

The premier's office says any instant messages sent or received during harassment scandal would have been deleted before CBC News request.

Boarding ships and air attacks: Operation Nanook begins in Labrador Sea

We take you on board an annual exercise that tests the military's ability to operate in the Arctic.