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Bull penis dog treats stolen from pet store, warns owner

Mark Winsor is "blown away" by theft of hundreds of dollars' worth in pizzles from his Kenmount Road business.

Mark Winsor 'blown away" by theft of hundreds of dollars' worth in pizzles

Several pizzles, or dehydrated bull penises, have been stolen from Pet Zone on Kenmount Road. (Submitted)

A Kenmount Road pet store owner says he is the victim of the theft of hundreds of dollars' worth of expensive dog treats.

Pet Zone owner Mark Winsor sought information on Facebook Saturday on the people he says took his Kenmount Road store's "pizzles" —  dehydrated bull penis chews for dogs to help combat tartar buildup on their teeth and to keep their gums healthy. 

"They took two- and three-foot lengths of pizzles and went out the door," Winsor told CBC Radio's On The Go.   

"We're all blown away from this." 

Winsor said police were contacted immediately. Police confirmed to CBC News an investigation is ongoing. 

Winsor said his Facebook post was about trying to give a heads-up to his fellow local business owners, as theft and shoplifting surge in activity as the holiday season draws closer. He said his call to the police was for the same reason.

Heads-up to other business owners

"I want the public to speak out because I am an independent, I'm a local business guy and it's just awareness for all the business owners that are out there that it's the time of the year," said Winsor who owns a second location in Mount Pearl.

"Anyone will rob anything. It doesn't make a difference. Usually what's robbed in my stores is donations boxes with money in them."

Now it's a waiting game for Winsor and his pet stores. He's uncertain if he'll get back his property and said the rest is up to the RNC.

For now, Winsor said he'll keep a close eye on things in his stores, but doesn't want operate his businesses by locking items away in fear of shoplifters. 

"It's something that I don't want to do."

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