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Paradise councillor Paul Dinn wins PC nod for Topsail-Paradise byelection

Paul Dinn edged out the competition by 18 votes, and will run for the Progressive Conservative Party in an upcoming byelection.

Dinn edged out former journalist Darrin Bent by 18 votes

Paul Dinn is a councillor for the Town of Paradise and now the candidate for the Progressive Conservatives in a provincial byelection. (Town of Paradise)

It was a close race, but Paul Dinn came out on top in the fight for the right to run for Progressive Conservatives in an upcoming byelection for the district of Topsail-Paradise.

Dinn, who was elected to Paradise town council in 2013, beat out former NTV journalist Darrin Bent by 18 votes.

According to the Town of Paradise website, Dinn works for the provincial government as a director within the Department of Advanced Skills, Education and Labour.

He may report to a Liberal cabinet minister, but Dinn is now the official candidate for the opposition party.

Paul Davis resigned his seat in Topsail-Paradise effective Nov. 2. (Ryan Cooke/CBC)

The byelection was triggered by the resignation of former premier Paul Davis, when he gave up his seat and announced his retirement.

The district has historically been a Tory stronghold.

Prior to being redrawn in 2015, the bulk of the region existed as the separate district of Topsail, with small parts of the Conception Bay East-Bell Island and Conception Bay South districts.

Topsail was under Tory leadership since 2003, with Davis winning in the redrawn district of Topsail-Paradise in 2015.

The byelection must be called within 60 days of an MHA giving up their seat. Since Davis resigned on Nov. 2, that means the byelection has to happen no later than New Year's Day.