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Piecing it together: Pasadena deputy mayor creates Lego replicas of hometown sites

Terry Randell reconnected with his Lego collection during the pandemic, recreating world landmarks as well as several buildings familiar to his neighbours.
Pasadena Deputy Mayor Terry Randell always had a passion for Lego. For Municipal Awareness Day on June 25, he decided to replicate some of his favourite landmarks in town. (Submitted by Terry Randell)

The deputy mayor of Pasadena has been rebuilding his western Newfoundland town one brick at a time. One Lego brick at a time, that is. 

Terry Randell says he has always had a passion for Lego, and the extra downtime of the COVID-19 pandemic helped him reconnect with his beloved bricks. 

Randell replicated several landmark buildings in his town, including the local grocery store, a former general store and the old recreation centre. 

Randell used Lego to re-create some familiar places in Pasadena. (Submitted by Terry Randell)

"I had some free time, and also for Municipal Awareness Day, our town put out a challenge for youth in the community," Randell told CBC Radio's Newfoundland Morning

"You could take a picture with a local landmark, you could draw it, or you could create it with Lego." 

The last option inspired Randell to do something, just for fun. 

The former Pasadena Recreation Centre was a popular spot in Pasadena's past. (Submitted by Terry Randell)

Reconnecting with friends

Randell's rekindled passion for Lego started late March, when Randell decided to go through his collection from the Lego Architecture series. He posted the builds live on social media, where he said it was great to talk with family and friends as he constructed the sets. 

He completed seven sets, including the Statute of Liberty and the skylines of London and Dubai, before turning his attention to his own creations.

Each build took between two to three hours to complete. 

His Pasadena recreations were short-lived; he needed the Lego from each piece to make new pieces. 

There are no plans to build the rest of the town, mainly due to lack of supplies. 

"I only have a very small number of brown bricks, so I wouldn't be able to focus on any building with a lot of brown in them," he said. 

Still, Randell has been having a lot of fun with his creations, so he may just buy more bricks. 

That is, when he finds more free time. Randell started a master's degree in late June.

Randell has made other Lego structures from kits, including this one of London landmarks. (Submitted by Terry Randell )

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With files from CBC Newfoundland Morning

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