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Parrot with some distinct Newfoundland accent b'y

A mainland parrot with a distinct accent is getting a lot of attention on You tube.

Mickey is a mainlander but you wouldn't know it when he speaks

A parrot with a Newfoundland accent b'y 1:11

A mainland parrot with an unmistakeable accent is getting a lot of attention on YouTube.

Mickey, an African Grey Parrot, was purchased in Niagara Falls, Ontario. His owners live in Oakville, west of Toronto, but they are originally from Hampden, western Newfoundland.

Mickey isn't a native Newfoundlander but he sure sounds like one. His owner, Stella Gale says Mickey picked up most of what he says from her husband, Lee.

"If you listen, the voice that he does most frequently sounds like a male voice, that's my husband," said Gail.

But "work, work, work…some silly b'y" came from her.

Gale's convinced 2-year-old Mickey is not your average bird.

"Even the breeder we bought him from said he is not your typical African Grey. He started talking at a very young age — at 6-months-old he was chattering away," she said.

Gale said that so far Mickey is up to 250 words, including the phrase "Got to get me moose, b'y," but she hopes he will speak thousands of words someday.

African Grey Parrots often live more than 40 years and have been known to learn as many as 3,000 words.

Listen to CBC's Caroline Hillier tell Anthony Germain about Mickey the parrot 7:16