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Parkway Sessions: See Luke Tremblett reveal his Rough Hands

Take a musical break with the latest video recorded at our studios in St. John's.
Luke Tremblett performs a song from his debut EP Out of the Dark. (CBC)

Luke Tremblett has rough hands. Or, rather, he is Rough Hands. 

The singer-songwriter, who released his debut EP Out of the Dark last year, performs under the handle Rough Hands, with some assistance from some musician friends. 

In the latest edition of our Parkway Sessions series, Tremblett performs a solo rendition of his song Waves. Check it out: 

Speaking with Weekend AM's Heather Barrett last spring, Tremblett said he chose Rough Hands for several reasons. 

"There's lots of good and bad you go through in your life, and your hands are things you use every day and have to experience those with," said Tremblett.

"I just thought the metaphor kind of fit."

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