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Keeping improvisation at the heart of the music with Big Space

Dive into the sound of this free jazz trio.
Free jazz trio Big Space bring a variety of musical influences to their improvisational performances. (CBC)

Our latest video in our Parkway Sessions series brings you Big Space, a St. John's trio that uses free jazz to explore a variety of musical genres, including rock, electronica and metal.

Improvisation is the name of the game for this group of accomplished musicians, which means that every show they play is a unique experience.

The band has made the festival rounds in their home province, playing Lawnya Vawnya, the Wreckhouse Jazz & Blues Festival, the St. John's International Sound Symposium and the Music at Harbourside series.

All three band members are accomplished musicians in their own right. Guitarist Grant King graduated from the Berklee College of Music and Longy School of Music, and studied for several years with jazz educator Charlie Banacos. King has long collaborated with bassist Ian Murphy, whose other musical projects include So Says Jane, Exit Party and Pet Legs. And drummer Ashley Chalmers graduated from the jazz program at St. Francis Xavier University and plays with St. John's band Gala.

Listen to this performance, recorded live on the floor of our own Studio F in St. John's, to get a taste of the trio's diverse musical influences and solid performance chops.

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