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Paradise home badly damaged by fire

Fire destroyed the back half of a house in Paradise Wednesday night.
Frefighters at a fire in Paradise Wednesday night. (CBC)

Fire destroyed the back half of a house in Paradise Wednesday night.

No one was injured but firefighters, who arrived at 193 Paradise Road after 9 p.m., said flames took a heavy toll on the home.

"Our crews went in and they were able to knock the main body of fire down very quickly. However, the fire has done a major amount of damage to the interior and the back portion of the house to the point where the back portion is totally collapsed and burnt away," said fire superintendant Derek Chafe.

He said when firefighters arrived, flames and heavy smoke were pouring out of the back of the home. 

Chafe said it's too soon to put a value on the damage.

Arson investigators are expected to be on the scene Thursday, trying to determine what caused the fire.