Jury dismissed in murder trial: Pamela Pike pleads guilty to lesser charge

Pamela Pike pleaded guilty to manslaughter Thursday in Supreme Court in Grand Falls-Windsor, admitting she stabbed Skinner to death.

Developments Thursday as case heads to trial in Grand Falls-Windsor

Pamela Pike awaits her court appearance in Grand Falls-Windsor on Thursday. Pike entered a guilty plea on Manslaughter, but maintained a not-guilty plea to murder. (Garrett Barry/CBC)

A Grand Falls-Windsor woman has admitted to stabbing Jason Skinner to death in 2013.

Pamela Pike pleaded guilty to manslaughter Thursday in Supreme Court in Grand Falls-Windsor, admitting she stabbed Skinner to death, just as her trial for first-degree murder was set to begin.

Skinner, 34, died in hospital after being found seriously injured in his home in April 2013.

The jury in the case, which was selected on Monday, was dismissed as Pike pleaded guilty to manslaughter and elected to be tried alone in front of a judge.

Certainly, she wants closure.- Defence Lawyer Bob Buckingham

She has maintained her not-guilty plea to the charge of first-degree murder.

Justice Donald Burrage will hear submissions from the Crown and the defence on May 17 to determine if Pike should be convicted and sentenced for manslaughter.

Looking for closure

Following Pike's appearance, defence lawyer Bob Buckingham told reporters that the Crown and defence teams were working on a joint-submission, however the Justice has the power to reject the recommendations and impose his own sentence.

Buckingham wouldn't say why Pike decided to plead guilty to manslaughter, though he said it "has more to do with the facts than anything else."

"Certainly, she wants closure," he added.

"At the end of the day, it's going to be a situation where Ms. Pike will be incarcerated. I don't think anyone wants to go to jail, so that's disconcerting and upsetting. But it will be cathartic to get it resolved and to move on with her life."

Buckingham said that Pike – who is 35-years-old – was "still a young woman," who wants to "get on with the rest of her life as best she can."

In a statement to CBC, Crown prosecutor Tina Walsh said it would be "inappropriate" to discuss the plea arrangement prior to sentencing.

Another woman, Wanda Ash, was found guilty of manslaughter last January for the same incident. She is awaiting sentencing in the case.

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