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Low-key St. John's music festival is keeping things quiet

The Out of Earshot Music Festival will feature a lineup of somewhat-obscure Canadian talent playing in small, intimate venues around St. John's from August 22-24.

Out of Earshot aim to deliver good music and workshops to smaller crowds

Maria Peddle and Pepa Chan are two of the eight women behind the Out of Earshot Music Festival. (Jonny Hodder/CBC)

Summer festivals are big business in St. John's, and getting bigger all the time. But the Out of Earshot Festival, set for August 22-24, is taking a different approach.  

The music and art festival's organizers have booked a lineup of somewhat-obscure Canadian talent to perform in some of the city's most intimate venues. 

You probably aren't familiar with the bands and artists booked for Out of Earshot, and organizer Pepa Chan thinks that's part of the festival's charm.

"It introduces you to music and art that you wouldn't normally just hear about,"  Chan said. 

"It's about connecting people and artists ... and trying to be as diverse and inclusive as we can."

Since it's smaller, perhaps it's more intimate, so you get to really hear the art and take it in for all that it's worth.- Maria Peddle

Eight women — friends who shared a common idea — are behind the "quiet" music festival, which bills itself as a non-profit, community-based festival that showcases emerging Canadian bands and artists.

Organizer Maria Peddle thinks the understated concert locations will help show-goers really appreciate the music. 

"Since it's smaller, perhaps it's more intimate, so you get to really hear the art and take it in for all that it's worth," she said. 

"It's all about giving folks who normally wouldn't be on a bill a chance to be on a bill."

 Peddle said in the past, both artists and audiences have enjoyed the Festival's low-key nature. 

"At one of our shows last year, everyone was smiling and having such a great time. The artist said he'd never felt so respected and seen at a festival before," she said 

"It felt so good. That was success, to me." 

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