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Ottawa promises aid for Natuashish mould problems

The Conservative MP for Labrador says Ottawa is working to fix the mould problems in Natuashish.

The Conservative MP for Labrador says Ottawa will help pay to have mould problems in Natuashish fixed.  

Peter Penashue is responding to a consultant's report that shows almost all the homes in the Innu community have a serious problem with mould.

Penashue says the federal government has been working with the community and has money available for the repairs. But he says there has to be an official request from the chief and council.

"Before we can move and transfer that money over to the band so they can deal with this issue, we need a proposal from them. And as soon as we get the proposal, we will move on the project," Penashue said.

Penashue says Natuashish has only until the end of March to apply for the money. After then, it may not be available.  

Two species of the mould discovered are toxic and capable of producing disease.