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This fisherman was hoping for a cod off Makkovik – and so were these orcas

Rex Voisey was on the hunt for cod. Apparently, he wasn't the only one.

'You don’t know when you will run into them'

Hey Orca! Rex Voisey wasn't the only creature in Makkovik hoping for a few fish. (Submitted by Rex Voisey)

Rex Voisey says he was about a half hour out on the water from Makkovik when he heard them blowing.

He turned his 22-foot boat in the direction of the noise to see what was up. And he happened upon a pod of orcas.

"I wasn’t hurting them so they got no reason to hurt me," said Voisey. (Submitted by Rex Voisey)

"We were pretty lucky," he said.

Rex Voisey had a special visitor while cod fishing in Makkovik. 1:06

The whales would follow the boat, he said, and then turn back to dive underneath. He thinks there were 12 or 13 of them, all told. 

Voisey said it was the fourth time he'd seen killer whales around Makkovik. (Submitted by Rex Voisey)

His companions — his two teenage sons, his son's girlfriend and her sister — were admittedly a little scared, Voisey said, but he kept his cool.

"I wasn't hurting them, so they got no reason to hurt me," he said.

Voisey said he thought there were 12 or 13 orcas around his boat. (Submitted by Rex Voisey)

Orcas often turn up in that area every so often, he said, noting that this was his fourth time seeing them over the years.

"You don't know when you will run into them."

Voisey said the whales swam alongside his boat and dove underneath it. (Submitted by Rex Voisey)

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