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'I hope you're happy': A report from a brand new Grade 2 student

Time for a smile! In our latest On Your Street segment, we hear from Arthur Hender in front of his school in downtown St. John's.

Back to school joy: Arthur Hender reports his first day of Grade 2 was a lot of fun

Arthur Hender shares an 'On Your Street' segment from the front steps of his school in St. John's. (CBC)

The school bells are ringing again and for seven-year-old Arthur Hender, it's a joyous sound.

For our segment On Your Street, Arthur shares a report from the front steps of Bishop Feild Elementary in St. John's after his first day of Grade 2.

He reports he had a lot of fun and can't wait to get back in the classroom again.

See Arthur's report here: 

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