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'Oh baby': Bob Cole Soundboard cracks top 5 in App Store

"Hang on to your hats folks," there's a new app featuring famous hockey calls by legendary play-by-play announcer Bob Cole.
Now you can hear more than 40 of Bob Cole's best known hockey play-by-plays, with the new app, Bob Cole's Soundboard. (CBC)

Hockey fans can now get a Bob Cole fix from their cellphones.

The legendary sportscaster now has his own app, Bob Cole Soundboard, available on all iOS devices. 

Cole's best-known hockey calls are included in the app.

Mobile users can hear favourites such as "Oh baby" and "What a dandy." 

A total of 40 are included in the download.

On Wednesday, it was listed as the fourth most-downloaded paid app in Apple's app store.

Cole said when he was approached about the idea, he was rather baffled.

He admitted to not being savvy in the area of technology, but was willing to oblige.

"I hope it's enjoyable ... we'll see what will happen," he said.

"It's a bit of fun, you know. But if they want to hear these things, good for them. I don't know why, but there it is."

The app sells on iTunes for $1.19.

The famous Hockey Night in Canada announcer, who born in St. John's in 1933, first began broadcasting hockey games on CBC Radio more than 45 years ago.