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3 wolves captured, relocated from Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Wildlife officials have moved three wolves 130 kilometres away from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, following earlier incidents where dogs were mauled by the animals.

Animals believed to have been involved in recent dog maulings

Two of the three wolves were fitted with GPS collars to monitor their movements. (Dawn Villella/Associated Press)

Wildlife officials in Happy Valley-Goose Bay have captured and relocated three wolves believed to have mauled dogs in several incidents this month.

The animals were released 130 kilometres from the town and two of the wolves were fitted with GPS collars to monitor their movements.

"The relocation of wolves to address conflicts or potential conflicts in human-populated areas is not common," according to a press release issued by the Fisheries, Forestry and Agrifoods.

"However … these animals were not highly habituated to people and are not likely to return."

Wildlife officials say if you encounter a wolf, give the animal space and walk slowly away, but do not run. (photo credit:

Officials are reminding pet owners, especially those who live next to wooded areas, to keep their pets in a fenced area and limit the amount of time pets spend outside after dark.

If you encounter a wolf, you should give the animal space and back away slowly, and not run.

People are also asked to call the 24-hour emergency line: 709-897-7116.