Still no target date for traffic to roll on Team Gushue Highway extension

The province does not appear to be hurrying hard to complete the often delayed road, with only a fraction of work done on a contract awarded a year ago.

Only 1/4 of work on $15.6M paving contract completed in past year

There's nothing moving on the highway yet. About a million dollars from a $26-million contract was spent this year, mostly on a overpass at Blackmarsh Road. (Rob Antle/CBC)

The province does not appear to be hurrying hard to complete the often delayed Team Gushue Highway extension.

Only a quarter of the work was done on a $15.6-million paving contract over the past fiscal year, the Department of Transportation indicated in response to an access-to-information request.

That tender was advertised a year ago, and awarded last April.

It will see the Team Gushue Highway extension paved from Kenmount Road to Topsail Road, and associated connections.

A second contract — $4 million to build an underpass at Topsail Road — was roughly two-thirds completed over the past year.

That contract was advertised last March, and awarded last May.

In an emailed statement, the Department of Transportation said it expects all work included in both tenders to be completed in the upcoming construction season.

But officials said there is still no target date for the road to actually open to traffic.

Work supposed to be done by 2014

As of a year ago, approximately $38.2 million had been spent on the highway.

Work began on the 7.3-kilometre stretch seven years ago.

It was originally supposed to be finished in 2014.

Work was underway on the Team Gushue Highway extension in 2013, as shown in this file photo. (CBC)

The current phase of the project, when completed, will extend the highway from Kenmount Road to Topsail Road.

The government said a "significant" amount of work was completed last year, including the installation of storm sewers, electrical work and foundations for light poles, a pedestrian underpass near Topsail Road, and sub-grading and berms near Topsail Road and Blackmarsh Road.

But there are a number of things that need to be done before paving can get started.

That includes putting up street lights and connecting electrical wiring systems, installing a concrete arch underpass at the Mount Pearl Square interchange, and completing a roundabout at the intersection of Captain Whelan Drive, Blackmarsh Road and Empire Avenue.