Nfld. & Labrador

No Occupy crackdown in St. John's

St. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe doesn't intend to follow other cities that have evicted Occupy protesters from public spaces.

The mayor of St. John's says he has no intention of following the lead of other cities that have evicted the Occupy movement from public spaces.

Occupy Newfoundland and Labrador has set up tents in Harbourside Park, a small public space off Water Street in downtown St. John's.

Authorities in other places, including New York, stepped in this week to shut down Occupy

Mayor Dennis O'Keefe said St. John's is a more accommodating place.

"These people are down there - they're not causing an issue, they're not a nuisance, they're not interrupting in any way the public," O'Keefe told CBC News Thursday.

"They're making their point, and as long as that continues, I guess they will be there down at Harbourside Park."

Occupy Newfoundland and Labrador began camping out at Harbourside Park in mid-October.

In addition to echoing concerns about corporate dominance of public affairs, local activists have also been pressuring Premier Kathy Dunderdale to open the house of assembly this fall. Dunderdale has said there is not enough new business to warrant a session before next spring.