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No internet in Labrador West, but don't shoot the provider

Labrador West has been struggling with an internet outage since Wednesday morning which has affected businesses and roughly 3500 people in the area.

No timeline forecast for fix, internet provider getting updates every two hours

Labrador west has been without internet and phone services for over 24 hours. Technicians from Bell Aliant, Telus and the Iron Ore Company Of Canada are working together to fix the issue. (Arun Sankar/AFP/Getty Images)

Labrador west has been struggling with an internet outage since Wednesday morning which has hit businesses and roughly 3500 people in the area.

Internet and phone services went down around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to CRRS network operations manager Robert Burton.

CRRS carries Telus internet in the region.

Burton says there is no real timeline of when the services should be back online, but added he is getting continuous updates from Telus.

"We've been advised by our provider that it's due to a fibre break 23.5 kilometres outside of Labrador City. It's on a segment of fibre owned by IOC [Iron Ore Company Of Canada], or at least on IOC land," Burton said.

"Currently Bell Aliant, Telus and IOC are all coordinating on the repair."

Burton says he wasn't given much information Wednesday night, only being told that technicians were dispatched to diagnose the problem.

Repairs underway

It wasn't until Thursday morning that Burton received a substantial update.

As of mid-afternoon Thursday, internet and phone services are still down, but Burton says there are technicians flying to the site by helicopter and work is underway to repair the break.

"I guess they tried to do everything remotely as much as they can. Last night they must have hit a wall and mobilized," Burton said.

Burton is sympathetic to his customer's frustrations.

"We definitely relate to the outage. We are avid internet users as well," he said.

"We understand everyone's frustration, because there's certainly some frustrated people in town right now, they haven't had internet in over 24 hours. It's not something we could have caused, or prevented."

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