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Mane of Thrones: N.L. stylist flown to France for Sophie Turner-Joe Jonas wedding

'Is this really happening?' Eryn Wall asked her husband when she got the email asking her to be part of the hair styling team for the celebrity wedding.

Eryn Wall was whisked away to French chateaus and asked to leave her phone behind

Eryn Wall is a hair designer and co-owner of the Head Room Salon and Spa in Paradise. (Paula Gale/CBC)

She was whisked away in a van to an undisclosed location and told it was forbidden to use her phone.

But hair designer and salon owner Eryn Wall wasn't afraid. She was on her way to a chateau in Provence, France, to be part of the hairstyling team for the top-secret wedding between Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner and pop star Joe Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers.

"I tell people all the time, in this business, the sky's the limit," Wall said. "There's literally nothing you cannot be, do or have in this business. If you want it, reach out and grab it."

Wall owns the Head Room Salon and Spa in Paradise with partner Trish Molloy. Through her work as a platform artist for Wella hair care products, she was chosen to be part of a team of 10 people from Los Angeles, New York City and Washington D.C. to do hair for the Jonas-Turner bridal party.

"I [was] the token Canadian," she said.

Wall was the only Canadian on the team of 10 people from Los Angeles, New York City and Washington D.C. (Submitted by Eryn Wall)

Enough champagne?

Jonas and Turner were first married in another top-secret wedding in Las Vegas over a month ago. Their wedding in France, on Saturday, was their second.

Wall arrived on Friday, just in time to style some of the bridal party mothers' hair for the pre-wedding party.

On Saturday, she worked on the bridesmaids' hair. 

"All the bridesmaids have been friends since they were five years old," Wall said. "They were just the sweetest, closest group of friends and you could tell they were just best friends and cared so deeply for each other. They were just super playful, so fun with us."

The Head Room Salon and Spa posted this picture of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner to its Instagram feed. (The Head Room Salon and Spa/Instagram)

Turner had her own hair team, Wall said, but she was around, hanging out with the bridesmaids and making sure Wall and her team had enough food — and champagne.

"It was terrible!" Wall joked, laughing.

Hair and heat waves aren't friends

Wall found out about the gig with a phone call telling her to check her email, she said.

"I read it out loud to my husband and I was like, 'Is this really happening? Both of us are big Game of Thrones fans, so it was super exciting."

Just a dream gig at a chateau in Provence, France, NBD. (Submitted by Eryn Wall)

With France in the middle of a heat wave, Wall had her work cut out for her. She and her team worked a 10-hour day, first styling the free-flowing, side-swept 'dos and then battling the heat and humidity to keep them fresh, full and frizz-free.

"I was cold blow-drying so many of the girls. We had little fans on them. It was a steady stream of prep," she said.

But it all worked out.

"They looked stunning. I can't wait for pictures to come out. Where there were no phones anywhere, we have to wait for the professional ones."

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With files from the St. John's Morning Show


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