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Gas prices soar 11.3 cents unexpectedly across N.L.

The cost of gasoline has unexpectedly spiked again across Newfoundland and Labrador on Tuesday as the regulatory board in charge of setting prices increased the price per litre by another 11.3 cents.

Maximum prices range from $2.17 per litre on the Avalon to $2.29 in Ramea

Gas prices across Newfoundland and Labrador are up another 11.3 cents per litre on Tuesday. (Brian McHugh/CBC)

The cost of gasoline spiked across Newfoundland and Labrador again Tuesday as the regulatory board in charge of setting prices unexpectedly increased them 11.3 cents per litre.

In a media release issued shortly after 8 p.m. Monday night, the Public Utilities Board said the increase is due to "recent commodity market developments" and a "significant upward shift in the benchmarks" the board uses to set the maximum prices for gasoline.

Consumers will now pay a maximum of $2.17 per litre across the Avalon Peninsula, $2.18 in the Corner Brook and Port aux Basques areas, and $2.19 on the Burin Peninsula and in central Newfoundland. On Fogo Island and in the Springdale area, prices have breached the $2.20-a-litre mark, with gasoline costing $2.24 and $2.21 respectively. On the Northern Peninsula prices range from $2.19 to $2.21 a litre. 

The highest price in Newfoundland is in Ramea, where one litre will cost as much as $2.29. 

Prices are a little lower in parts of Labrador. In the Straits, it is $1.74 a litre, $1.78 in the south and $1.62 in central Labrador. But prices are much higher in western Labrador at $2.23 per litre and in Churchill Falls at $2.26.

The PUB generally sets the price on gasoline on Thursday of each week, but with the ongoing global oil market in turmoil since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, prices have fluctuated, with the board changing prices nearly two dozen times since March. 

There was no increase to other types of fuels such as diesel or home heating oil, which have been steadily rising over recent weeks.

The following chart shows how gas prices have changed recently at Newfoundland and Labrador retailers, as reported by users of the website.

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