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Making 2020 picture perfect: Here are some of our favourite photos from you this year

We truly love seeing all of the photos you send us, and we know you love seeing them, too.
Golden September skies over St. John's are seen from Signal Hill. (Submitted by Alick Tsui)

What a year it's been!

We've had thousands of photo submissions from our audience across Newfoundland and Labrador over the last 12 months, many of which we shared with you through our weekly audience galleries and across our social media channels. We truly love seeing all of the photos you send us, and we know you love seeing them as well!

With the sheer volume of photos we receive, what goes into picking our favourites of the year? It could be something technical like lighting or composition—but often it's the images themselves that resonate with us — the ones we look back on and say, "wow!"

So kick up your feet, pour a nice hot beverage and enjoy the images that stuck with us in 2020. We can't wait to see what the next year holds.

This is beautiful Swift Current, as seen by Velma Ross in January. (Submitted by Velma Ross)
How sweet is this photo? Jim Dower's pooch sure enjoyed the fresh snowfall of 2020 in Pasadena. (Submitted by Jim Dower)
We always love to receive a photo of the colourful Middle and Outer Battery area of St. John's, especially in the wintertime when there's such a contrast. (Submitted by Neville Webb)
This beautiful January day in Hopedale was captured by Greg Taffe. (Submitted by Greg Taaffe)
Larry Jenkins had quite the view from Smokey Mountain, near Labrador City. (Submitted by Larry Jenkins)
Quidi Vidi shines on a gorgeous January day by Dale Brow. (Submitted by Dale Brow)
Kate and Nico clearly had a grand time sliding in Pippy Park in St. John's. (Submitted by Frank Nossereau)
January had some grand days for a sleigh ride! David Hiscock captured this photo at Lester's Farm Chalet. (Submitted by David Hiscock)
Clifford Doran captured this terrific image in Trepassey, where a couple of caribou look like they want to dance a jig. (Submitted by Clifford Doran)
Finley loved the February snow! (Submitted by Nicole Emberley)
This striking winter sunset over the beach at Northern Bay is courtesy of Eugene Howell. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
Strike that pose! Clifford Doran found this photogenic seal in Trepassey. (Submitted by Clifford Doran)
Chris Ryan sent along this photo of a northern saw-whet owl in February. Chris says they are very rare, and added, 'We see roughly one a year in Newfoundland.' (Submitted by Chris Ryan)
Talk about lucky! This beautiful sunset is in Mark Gray's back yard in Bonavista. (Submitted by Mark Gray)
First time ice fishing! Sweet. (Submitted by Phyllis Edison)
Clifford Doran witnessed this spectacular sunset at St. Shott's, and kindly sent it our way. Wow! (Submitted by Clifford Doran)
Regular contributor Mark Gray says these horses weren't hampered by a little snow in Bonavista. Terrific shot! (Submitted by Mark Gray)
A striking sky at dusk over Rencontre East was captured by Andrew Baker. (Submitted by Andrew Baker)
Leona Rockwood captured this photo at Quidi Vidi Lake in March. She wrote, 'It was a beautiful, calm morning with a cool, icy fog hanging around and making the trees all frosty.' (Submitted by Leona Rockwood)
These three are jumping for joy! Taken in Pippy Park in St. John's. (Submitted by Alyssa Critch)
Eugene Howell says snowshoeing in this glorious sunset made for a perfect winter day at Northern Bay in March. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
This wee one was trying his hand at ice fishing! Taken at Puncheon Pond in February. (Submitted by Miranda Collins)
Whether you see a bull, a dog, horse or a mythical creature, Mother Nature produces magnificent art! This photo was taken at Portland Creek Pond just outside Daniel's Harbour in March. (Submitted by Brada and George Tucker)
Such a stunning sky! Thanks to Josh Bingle, who captured this shot in northern Labrador. (Submitted by Joshua Bingle)
Pam Coombs sent in this photo of her four-year-old son, Parker Patterson, spending his Monday feeding the birds at Duley Park in Labrador City. (Submitted by Pam Coombs)
We loved this photo from Jantje VanHouwelingen, who had hiked with a group to 'the Spout' on the East Coast Trail. (Submitted by Jantje VanHouwelingen)
A striking sunset near Kenneth Rideout's cabin in Cold Brook. On the other side of the hills is the community of Fox Island. (Submitted by Kenneth Rideout)
Sunset skating at George's Pond on Signal Hill. This shot was taken by Curtis Meeker in March. (Submitted by Curtis Meeker)
'Smack dab in the middle,' wrote Mark Gray of this sunset, captured on a March night in Bonavista by the sea fence. (Submitted by Mark Gray )
Cape Spear, on a stunning March day. (Submitted by Greg Bolger)
A stunning photo from Paula Birmingham, taken at Topsail Bluff. (Submitted by Paula Birmingham)
Chris Rose welcomed the first day of Spring with this beautiful sunrise at St. John's harbour. (Submitted by Chris Rose)
Connie Boland sent this pic with a lovely note: 'This photo was taken on a beautiful, sunny day at Bottle Cove in Lark Harbour on the west coast. The sea ice and the snow provide a different perspective on the scenery. The ocean was calm and there was no wind, a rarity!' (Submitted by Connie Boland)
Kevin Sheppard snapped this photo at Shoulder Blade Lake in the Badger area. He wrote: 'Romantic afternoon for two grey jays.' (Submitted by Kevin Sheppard)
Mike Wheeler captured this photo on an April night, when there wasn't a person or vehicle in sight. Mike called his photo 'downtown ghost town.' (Submitted by Mike Wheeler)
Lisa Butler snapped this photo outside her fence in Conception Bay South. She wrote: 'I may have been up to my knees in snow, but well worth it. A sure sign of spring.' (Submitted by Lisa Butler)
Kristen Stevenson sent us this while they were painting some Easter eggs. 'Even our eggs are social distancing,' she wrote. (Submitted by Kristen Stevenson )
Pat Thompson told us his pooch, Leo, was ready and excited for iceberg season! (Submitted by Pat Thompson)
The town of Dildo updated a familiar figure for the COVID-19 pandemic. This photo was taken on Front Road in the town in April. (Submitted by John Kelland)
Sandbanks Provincial Park in Burgeo is one of this province's gems. Thanks to regular photo contributor Julie Baggs for the incredible shot. (Submitted by Julie Baggs)
A friend in Marilyn Crotty's garden gave her a 'wave.' Taken at Anderson's Cove Road in Dildo. (Submitted by Marilyn Crotty)
A fine boil-up in Pasadena! (Submitted by Rich Wheeler)
Yes ... that IS Kraft Dinner you're seeing! And this bird happily took a few orts back in April. (Submitted by Darryn Cramm)
If these Appaloosa horses could speak, what would they say? 'Freedom,' perhaps? Pat Thompson captured this in April in Bay Bulls. (Submitted by Pat Thompson)
A terrific photo from David Green. (Submitted by David Green)
Amaya and her sister Kenzie had a grand time playing with their bubble machine in April. (Submitted by Matthew Barron)
A beautiful capture from Cory Babstock, taken in Elliston. The Inuksuk and icebergs are a bonus! (Submitted by Cory Babstock)
Such a calm and lovely April evening in Burgeo, courtesy of Julie Baggs. (Submitted by Julie Baggs)
A terrific shot from Eugene Howell of the Western Bay boardwalk. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
Cassondra Collier sent us this sweet photo of four-day-old Cooper, meeting his aunt Sarah through the patio door in May. 'Trying to document this historical event as much as possible, to show him when he’s older,' she wrote. (Submitted by Cassondra Collier)
A wonderful message left by Long Beach in Bonavista. (Submitted by Mark Gray)
Tara Keefe captured this spectacular photo in Black Tickle, Labrador this May. She wrote, 'A beautiful evening enjoying the last few days of good snowmobiling.' (Submitted by Tara Keefe)
Eugene Howell said the May mist and sun cracking the storm clouds created 'the perfect rainbow' over Northern Bay. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
A beautiful day in Harbour le Cou, captured by Kathy Ann Savoury. (Submitted by Kathy Ann Savoury)
Lucy Vautier enjoyed this beautiful sunrise while halibut fishing off Grand Bruit near the end of May. (Submitted by Lucy Vautier)
Gordon Watkins sent along this sweet snap earlier this year. Puffins are always such great photo subjects! (Submitted by Gordon Watkins)
Bonnie Lowe snapped this photo in Shoal Harbour. She wrote: 'Although it's still chilly, these little buds show promise of spring.' (Submitted by Bonnie Lowe)
This vixen shared a sweet moment in May with her kit in the Clarenville area. A stunning photo from Alicia Barrett! (Submitted by Alicia Barrett)
Keeping watch. Cory Babstock captured this terrific image in Clarenville near the end of May. (Submitted by Cory Babstock)
A duck 'struck the pose' for Grant Pelley, on the Kent’s Pond trail in St. John’s. (Submitted by Grant Pelley)
Meet 'Flash!' Kim Ploughman captured his photo in Torbay in May. (Submitted by Kim Ploughman)
A mama moose with her oh-so-tiny calf, as seen on the Burin Peninsula. (Submitted by Alicia Barrett)
A breathtaking beach at Grand Bay West, on Newfoundland's southwest coast. (Submitted by Julie Baggs)
A gorgeous sunset at Topsail Beach. (Submitted by Ron Glavine)
Rob Coombs captured this terrific May photo and included a note: 'It was a nice transition to evening, well after sunset in Long Pond.' (Submitted by Rob Coombs)
A lovely and calm day in St. John's! Taken at the Fort Amherst Harbour Authority Small Boat Basin. (Submitted by Anne Madden)
Looking over Quidi Vidi on a beautiful June evening. (Submitted by Ian Gidge)
A striking sky in Lewisporte, as captured by regular photo contributor, Lorne Hiscock. (Submitted by Lorne Hiscock)
A beautiful sunset over Little Bay Islands from Georgina Parsons. (Submitted by Georgina Parsons)
Dan Rumbolt told us in June, 'a fine day on clothes — and on the water — in Little Bay Islands.' (Submitted by Dan Rumbolt)
That's a string of driftwood that Marilyn Crotty had on her deck in Dildo, Trinity Bay — all the better to appreciate a great evening. (Submitted by Marilyn Crotty )
Lorraine Windsor sent us this lovely shot in June from Salvage. (Submitted by Lorraine Windsor)
The rushing Hopeall Falls, captured by Alisa Smith. (Submitted by Alisa Smith)
Lisa Piercey took this shot in Portugal Cove, looking into the mist toward Bell Island. A great shot! (Submitted by Lisa Piercey)
Moe Cheshire sent us of this photo from Quidi Vidi Lake in St. John's. 'We met this beautiful mama duckie with those fluffy lovable ducklings. One of ducklings were really mischievous ... He was giving his mom trouble!' Kids, right? (Submitted by Moe Cheshire)
Full bloom! Walter Harding shared this photo from Bowring Park in St. John's near the end of June. (Submitted by Walter Harding)
Trinity looks good in every season, but the colours seem to pop the most in summer. (Submitted by Bill Sparkes)
It's not every day you see an iceberg in Trinity Bay ... and a surfer, too! (Submitted by David Hebbard )
Eugene Howell sent us this great shot in July. 'The lighthouse on the rugged barren windswept landscape at Western Bay here in Conception Bay North contrasted by the beautiful summer clouds.' (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
This great horned owl was keeping a close eye on her offspring when Olivia Whitten got this great photo. (Submitted by Oliver Whitten)
Whistler the husky enjoying a hike through the Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park. (Submitted by Adam Cahill )
It was a beautiful way to start this July day for Patrick Salde, a sunrise at Cape Spear. (Submitted by Patrick Salde)
Comet NEOWISE streaked through the night's sky over Terra Nova National Park in the middle of July. (Submitted by Dave Newbury)
'This little guy showed up in my backyard at Sandy Cove while I was trimming some long grass,' writes Francis Matchim. (Submitted by Francis Matchim)
What could improve a Bonavista sunset? Seeing a humpback whale at the same time. Mark Gray shared this photo from August, as he enjoyed a boat tour. (Submitted by Mark Gray )
Walter Gill took this photo getting ready to jig fish off Change Islands. An incredibly still morning, captured by the water below the boats. (Submitted by Walter Gill)
The summer colours are so rich in this photo of Trout River, nestled in Gros Morne National Park. (Submitted by Penney Osbourne)
Cabot Tower gets a little relief with fog in its midst. (Submitted by Riley Wareham)
A captivating seaside view near Port Union, on the Bonavista Peninsula. (Submitted by Bert Driessen)
Karen Pinsent shared this early August morning photo during the food fishery while out with her husband Brighton. 'My favourite time of the day,' she says. (Submitted by Karen Pinsent)
Bill Blackmore found a great perspective in Twillingate's historic harbour, of an anchor that probably has some stories to tell. (Submitted by Bill Blackmore)
Summer sunsets! Here are some stunning skies here captured in Winterton. (Submitted by Corina Norris Reid)
Between a sunset and a camp fire, there are plenty of cosy colours in this photo taken at Back Harbour, in Twillingate. (Submitted by Lorne Hiscock)
Edwina Green captured this shot while on a whale watching trip off Trinity, saying this was the largest male in the pod the group spotted out on the water. (Submitted by Edwina Green)
Monty Gould said it was a great August day, halibut fishing in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. (Submitted by Monty Gould)
A sunset's glow hightlights the cliffs at Boutte de Cap Park in Cape St. George on the Port au Port Peninsula. (Submitted by Scott Cook)
A particularly colourful sunset lights up the sky in North West River. (Submitted by Sheila Blake)
Lisa Hiscock says her stepson Matthew was out for with his pup and came across this stunning scene just outside of Fortune. (Submitted by Lisa Hiscock)
Jack Rowe had this spectacular view from his cabin in Milan Arm on Pistolet Bay. (Submitted by Jack Rowe)
Robyn Lush caught this beautiful September sunrise at Forest Pond in the Goulds area of St. John's. 'It's stunning and breathtaking and so worth letting go of that warm bed,' she wrote. (Submitted by Robyn Lush)
'Tors Cove beauty on a sunny summer day,' writes Catherine Adams. (Submitted Catherine Adams)
A calm day on the water near Goose Arm in the Bay of Islands. (Submitted by Bruce Hollett)
Clear skies in Rattling Brook opened up to the Milky Way in mid-September. (Submitted by Jenn Hogan)
Bonnie Lowe captured the final moments of the recreational food fishery season in Shoal Harbour. (Submitted by Bonnie Lowe)
The Water Street pedestrian mall in St. John's was deemed a success by many over the Summer. Alick Tsui captured this warm scene from one of its final nights. (Submitted by Alick Tsui)
Moonlit clouds hover over Bay Bulls. (Submitted by April Kennedy)
An incredible sunset settles in at Sandy Lake. (Submitted by Tammy Osborne )
A clear night's sky over Cabot Tower in St. John's allowed Taimaz Bahadory to capture this star trail. (Submitted by Taimaz Bahadory)
Don't worry, this house is not on fire! Karen Pinsent captured the sun shining through the windows of this old house in Brighton. (Submitted by Karen Pinsent)
The waves were crashing in Conception Bay South one October weekend, captured in black and white by Jonathan Curlett. (Submitted by Jonathan Curlett)
A moody day in Swift Current. (Submitted by Michael Kennedy)
St. John's settling in for the evening. (Submitted by Scott Udle)
The clouds may look a little ominous, but the fall colours sure are vibrant along the valley by the Gull Island Pond Boardwalk in Conception Bay North. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
Kathy Ann Savoury captured this great shot in Wreckhouse. Look at those clouds! (Submitted by Kathy Ann Savoury)
Michael Kennedy got this shot while walking the Waterford Valley trail. Beautiful! (Submitted by Michael Kennedy)
Chris Tuck tells us he had an 'invigorating fall motorcycle ride to Deadman’s Pond in Gander to start my day.' (Submitted by Chris Tuck)
There was a true 'chill' vibe by Grassy Pond, outside La Manche Provincial Park. (Submitted by Joe Scarangella)
Sandbanks Provincial Park is famous for summer fun ... but Julie Baggs showed us in October that it's beautiful in all seasons. (Submitted by Julie Baggs)
Rich reds, vibrant oranges: it's autumn by Manuels River. Always a great place for a walk and wonderful scenery. (Submitted by Tim Noel)
An autumn vibe at Quidi Vidi, captured in October by Moe Cheshire. (Submitted by Moe Cheshire)
The humans weren't the only ones enjoying the fall weather! Linus, Dexter, Jamie and Teddy Bear stopped for this great photo on their hike with owner Cheryl Hong. (Submitted by Cheryl Hong)
A morning sky at YYT, a.k.a., St. John's International Airport, courtesy of Gina White. Thanks so much for sending this in! (Submitted by Gina Walsh)
Amy Montague woke up to a crisp sunrise and a blanket of snow at the end of October in Hopedale. (Submitted by Amy Montague)
Clifford Doran captured this striking November moon in Trepassey. Almost has a Halloween feel don't you think? (Submitted by Clifford Doran)
Connie Boland says she loves getting outdoors in the fall, and it seems like the leaves love it, too! (Submitted by Connie Boland)
A November sunrise shines bright on the Colonial Building in St. John's. Thanks to Anne Madden for this great photo! (Submitted by Anne Madden)
There were lots of great costumes at MUN's Halloween Howl at the Botanical Gardens, including this schnauzer getting in the holiday spirit! (Submitted by Neville Webb)
Elizabeth Howell, 91, still elects to put her clothes out on the line to dry while living independently in her old house in Conception Bay North, Eugene Howell told us. (Submitted by Eugene Howell)
Barry Langdon captured this great fall shot in Cape Bonavista. (Submitted by Barry Langdon)
A sombre and respectful Remembrance Day moment at the War Memorial in St. John's. (Submitted by Moe Cheshire)
What better to do on a cold day then some ice skating? Scott Pike captured this great shot of winter fun on Birch Island Creek in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (Submitted by Scott Pike)
Francis Hull enjoyed the November winter weather on the west coast of Newfoundland, snagging this great shot in Corner Brook. (Submitted by Francis Hull)
A striking sunset with a splash captured off the Strait of Belle Isle by Norman Bull. (Submitted by Norman Bull)
Taken Nov. 15 at Tippings Pond in Massey Drive, which Jennifer Brenton calls 'the most beautiful place on earth.' (Submitted by Jennifer Brenton)
A nice day for ducks! Lisa Bolt shared this photo from Terrenceville. (Submitted by Lisa Bolt )
Port de Grave always gets creative at Christmas, and reflects the community's rich history in the fishery. William Toope says this tree is made up of over 450 pots and floats. (Submitted by William Toope)
The Christmas lights at Port de Grave always make for a great photo! Thanks to David Hiscock for sending this in. (Submitted by David Hiscock)
Lisa Lowe writes "To be able to photograph Cabot Tower and the night sky in this light was well worth the cold fingers." The moon almost looks like the Christmas star don't you think? (Submitted by Lisa Lowe)
The province's first major snowfall led to some great images, including this one from Walter Fleming in Curling. (Submitted by Walter Fleming)
Mick Beresford enjoyed this amazing sky during a December sunset in Grand Falls-Windsor. (Submitted by Mick Beresford)
A beautiful shot of the capital city from Signal Hill. Thanks so much to Jim Desautels for sending this to us! (Submitted by Jim Desautels)

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