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Here are the candidates running in the 2021 provincial election

With a winter election campaign now underway, Newfoundland and Labrador's political parties have finalized the candidates they'll be running in the province's 40 districts.

Nominations closed Saturday afternoon

With a winter election now official, political parties have to get the rest of their candidates in place as quickly as possible. (CBC)

With Newfoundlanders and Labradorians headed to the polls on Feb. 13, the province's political parties have finalized their candidates.

Last week, Liberal Leader Andrew Furey asked Lt.-Gov. Judy Foote to dissolve the provincial legislature and call the election, marking the province's first winter election since 1999 — and one unlike any other, held in the midst of a global pandemic.

Below are the confirmed candidates in alphabetical order, from the official list released soon after nominations closed on Saturday. 

    Baie Verte-Green Bay

    • Lin Paddock (Progressive Conservative)
    • Brian Warr (Liberal)


    • Christine Gill (Liberal)
    • Neil King (Independent)
    • Craig Pardy (Progressive Conservative)
    • Timothy Whey (NDP)

    Burgeo-La Poile

    • Andrew Parsons (Liberal)
    • Judy Vanta (NDP)
    • Ethan Wheeler Park (Progressive Conservative)

    Burin-Grand Bank

    • Alvin Banfield (NDP)
    • Fred Dodge (Progressive Conservative)
    • Paul Pike (Liberal)

    Cape St. Francis

    • Phyllis Fleming (NDP)
    • Ryan Lane (NL Alliance)
    • Joedy Wall (Progressive Conservative)
    • Peter Whittle (Liberal)

    Carbonear-Trinity-Bay de Verde

    • Frank Butt (Progressive Conservative)
    • Edward Cole (Independent)
    • Steve Crocker (Liberal)
    • Matthew Smith (NDP)

    Cartwright-L'Anse au Clair

    • Lisa Dempster (Liberal)
    • Joshua Nolan (Progressive Conservative)

    Conception Bay East-Bell Island

    • David Brazil (Progressive Conservative)
    • Lynn Hammond (Liberal)
    • Gavin Will (NDP)

    Conception Bay South

    • Warrick Butler (NL Alliance)
    • Andrew Lovell (NDP)
    • Shelley Moores (Liberal)
    • Barry Petten (Progressive Conservative)

    Corner Brook

    • Gerry Byrne (Liberal)
    • Tom Stewart (Progressive Conservative)


    • Pleaman Forsey (Progressive Conservative)
    • Rodney Mercer (Liberal)


    • Paul Murphy (NDP)
    • Cheryl O'Brien (Liberal)
    • Loyola O'Driscoll (Progressive Conservative)

    Fogo Island-Cape Freels

    • Derrick Bragg (Liberal)
    • Sue Collins (Progressive Conservative)
    • Jim Gill (NDP)

    Fortune Bay-Cape La Hune

    • Noel Joe (NDP)
    • Elvis Loveless (Liberal)
    • Charlene Walsh (Progressive Conservative)


    • John Haggie (Liberal)
    • Jamie Harnum (Progressive Conservative)
    • Dawn Lahey (NDP)

    Grand Falls-Windsor-Buchans

    • Deborah Ball (Liberal)
    • Holly Pike (NDP)
    • Chris Tibbs (Progressive Conservative)

    Harbour Grace-Port de Grave

    • Dion Hynes (NDP)
    • Pam Parsons (Liberal)
    • Roy Sparkes (Progressive Conservative)

    Harbour Main

    • Tony Chadwick (NDP)
    • Helen Conway Ottenheimer (Progressive Conservative)
    • George Murphy (Liberal)

    Humber-Bay of Islands

    • Stelman Flynn (Liberal)
    • Eddie Joyce (Independent)
    • Robert Marche (Progressive Conservative)

    Humber-Gros Morne

    • Andrew Furey (Liberal)
    • Jim Goudie (Progressive Conservative)
    • Sheina Lerman (NDP)

    Labrador West

    • Jordan Brown (NDP)
    • Wayne Button (Liberal)
    • Nick McGrath (Progressive Conservative)

    Lake Melville

    • Andrew Abbass (Independent)
    • Michelle Baikie (Liberal) 
    • Amy Norman (NDP)
    • Shannon Tobin (Progressive Conservative)
    • Perry Trimper (Independent)


    • Derek Bennett (Liberal)
    • Rhonda Simms (Progressive Conservative)

    Mount Pearl-Southlands

    • Cindy Grant (Progressive Conservative)
    • Karla Hayward (Liberal)
    • Paul Lane (Independent)
    • Cara Winsor-Hehir (NDP)

    Mount Pearl North

    • Jim Lester (Progressive Conservative)
    • Jennifer McCreath (NDP)
    • William Neville (NL Alliance)
    • Lucy Stoyles (Liberal)

    Mount Scio

    • Larry Borne (Independent)
    • Damien Follett (Progressive Conservative)
    • Andrea Newbury (NL Alliance)
    • Sheilagh O'Leary (NDP)
    • Sarah Stoodley (Liberal)

    Placentia-St. Mary's

    • Sherry Gambin-Walsh (Liberal)
    • Calvin Manning (Progressive Conservative)
    • Clem Whittle (NL Alliance)

    Placentia West-Bellevue

    • Carolyn Davis (NDP)
    • Jeff Dwyer (Progressive Conservative)
    • Sam Synard (Liberal)

    St. Barbe-L'anse aux Meadows

    • Sheila Fitzgerald (Progressive Conservative)
    • Krista Lynn Howell (Liberal) 
    • John McClusky (NDP)
    • Ford Mitchelmore (Non-affiliated)

    St. George's-Humber 

    • Gary Bishop (Progressive Conservative)
    • Scott Reid (Liberal)
    • Melissa Samms (NDP)
    • Shane Snook (NL Alliance)

    St. John's Centre

    • Jim Dinn (NDP)
    • Gemma Hickey (Liberal)
    • Robyn LeGrow (Progressive Conservative)

    St. John's East-Quidi Vidi

    • John Abbott (Liberal)
    • Alison Coffin (NDP)
    • Vaughn Hammond (Progressive Conservative)

    St. John's West

    • Siobhan Coady (Liberal)
    • Kristina Ennis (Progressive Conservative)
    • Brenda Walsh (NDP)

    Stephenville-Port au Port

    • Kevin Aylward (Liberal)
    • Jamie Ruby (NDP)
    • Tony Wakeham (Progressive Conservative)

    Terra Nova

    • Anne Marie Anonsen (NDP)
    • Steve Denty (Liberal)
    • Lloyd Parrott (Progressive Conservative)


    • Kathleen Burt (NDP)
    • Ken Carter (Liberal)
    • Paul Dinn (Progressive Conservative)

    Torngat Mountains

    • Lela Evans (Progressive Conservative)
    • Patricia Johnson-Castle (NDP)
    • Devon Ryan (Liberal) 

    Virginia Waters-Pleasantville

    • Bernard Davis (Liberal)
    • Jenn Deon (NDP)
    • Victor Lawlor (Progressive Conservative)

    Waterford Valley

    • Michael Holden (Progressive Conservative)
    • Tom Osborne (Liberal)
    • Peter Young (NDP)

    Windsor Lake

    • Ches Crosbie (Progressive Conservative)
    • John Hogan (Liberal)
    • Tomas Shea (NDP)

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