Bit of rum, bit of fun: The Great Newfoundland Christmas Cake Off

This year's CBC N.L. Christmas special is the Great Newfoundland Christmas Cake Off — a local take on the U.K. hit, The Great British Bake Off.

CBC N.L.'s Christmas special takes a slice from The Great British Bake Off

The Great Newfoundland Christmas Cake Off was inspired by the U.K. hit, The Great British Bake Off — so popular that people refer to it simply as GBBO.

The Great Newfoundland Christmas Cake Off doesn't take place in a tent on an English estate, but rather in the festive Rocket Bakery on Water Street in St. John's.

The show, hosted by the CBC N.L.'s dynamic Krissy Holmes, features three holiday bakers — Al Antle, Helen Escott, and Kelly Piercey — presenting their best baking efforts to our three fruitcake judges in a blind taste test scenario.

The first judge in our Great Newfoundland Christmas Cake Off is Barry Parsons of Rock Recipes. He just released a Christmas cookbook and he starts his Christmas baking in July.

The second judge is Dale Jarvis, the province's intangible heritage officer. He says that although fruitcake is tangible, he's happy to taste as many fruitcakes as we put in front of him.

The third judge is Kelly Mansell, co-owner of the Rocket Bakery. She's a tough cookie to please when it comes to baked goods.

No matter how you feel about fruitcake itself, we hope you enjoy our CBC N.L. Christmas special!

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Angela Antle

Host, Atlantic Voice

Angela is a producer who works from St. John's and is the host of Atlantic Voice, a Sunday morning documentary program on CBC Radio.