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It's official: NL Alliance registered as 4th party heading into provincial election

The province now has four parties for the upcoming election.

Graydon Pelley and crew putting together team of candidates

NL Alliance is Graydon Pelley's new party. In November, he announced his goal to form a government in 2019. (Katie Breen/CBC)

Voters will have another choice on the ballot in some areas of the province, as a new party was registered by Elections NL on Friday afternoon.

The NL Alliance was formed last November by Graydon Pelley, the former president of the Progressive Conservative party.

"Today we are here as the fourth political entity in this province and we are just going to be working for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador," he told CBC News.

We know that anything new that's brought up is going to take time to build.- Graydon Pelley

The party closed nominations in two districts on Friday — St. George's-Humber and Harbour Main — and is looking for candidates all across the province.

Pelley said he's putting his name forward for the district of Mount Scio, currently held by Independent Dale Kirby.

When asked what the party's expectations are, Pelley said they're keeping them tempered.

"We're being realistic with this. We know that anything new that's brought up is going to take time to build."

No big decisions without consultations

The province has historically belonged to two parties — the Liberals and Tories — while the NDP have struggled to get a foothold. When asked if the NL Alliance would fare differently, Pelley said it will appeal more to the people of the province.

"The difference in NL Alliance and any other party in this province is that we have started off being totally focused on listening to people and being collaborative."

Under NL Alliance, no major decisions will be made without public consultation, Pelley said.

"I believe that once the people of Newfoundland and Labrador get our message now and see what we're all about, I believe we're all going to be surprised and excited about what's going to happen in the next election."

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