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Ticked off: All in favour of ditching the Newfoundland Time Zone?

Could Newfoundland and Labrador learn something from a North Korean dictator?

If North Korea can do it ...

Norm Catto, a geography professor at Memorial University, says the people of Newfoundland and Labrador are passionate about their unique time zone. (Julie Skinner/CBC)

Earlier this month, North Korea made the move to bump its time zone back by 30 minutes to be in sync with its neighbours to the south.  

So, they won't be saying, "a half-hour later in Pyongyang" anymore.

Sound familiar? 

State media in the North said the change was "a first practical step for national reconciliation and unity" with South Korea, but all this time talk got Here and Now's Anthony Germain wondering: Why does Newfoundland have its own time zone, anyway? 

Is it time to do away with the Newfoundland Time Zone?

Here and Now

3 years ago
Earlier this month, North Korea made the move to bump its time zone back by 30 minutes — should Newfoundland consider doing the same? 3:46

If you ask writer and time commentator Drew Brown, possessing a unique time zone is all about pride — "like binge drinking or the 709 area code."

"We cling to that extra 30 minutes like we cling to this rock: passionately, madly, largely out of spite," he said. 

Comedian and Newfoundland Time Zone critic Andie Bulman agrees. 

"Newfoundlanders are obsessed with their time zone because they enjoy their nightly mention on television," she argues. 

But Bulman asserts Newfoundlanders and Labradorians don't need their own time zone to be special. 

"You have your dart leagues, and your shed drinking, you have Come From Away and tiny, misshapen ponies. For the love of God, you're already distinct, Newfoundland! Let go of the time zone and let the National come on at 10."

What do you think? Head to CBC NL's Facebook and Twitter pages to vote. Should Newfoundland and Labrador do away with its time zone? 

With files from Anthony Germain