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Newfoundland skin care products going to the Grammys

Skin care products made in Newfoundland will be showcased at a private event at the 2013 Grammys.
Lisa Walsh will bring her Indigena Skin Care products to the Grammys. (CBC)

A Newfoundland business owner is hitting Hollywood for the second time this year.

Lisa Walsh is the founder of Indigena Skin Care. She brought her products to the Golden Globes earlier in January — now she's returning for the Grammys.

It's an opportunity for Walsh to show off her products to the ones who do glamour best.

"We have some hot tickets to a private event where all of the Canadian Grammy nominees will be, so that is really going to be an exciting moment for us," said Walsh.

Unique skin care line

Indigena products have been in the making for almost 10 years. Walsh said her products have health benefits that can't be found anywhere else.

"We're trying to offer a natural, healthy product that is not carcinogenic, that doesn't hurt your skin, that will contribute to your healthy lifestyle that is made from food-grade ingredients," said Walsh.

"People are starting to recognize the quality of our product," said Walsh. "One of the biggest benefits of natural botanicals, whether they come from the land or the sea, is that they have an antioxidant property."

Antioxidants are substances that may protect cells against the effects of free radicals.

Research projects in 2013

This year, Indigena will conduct two major research projects to capitalize on Newfoundland and Labrador's native botanical resources.

In collaboration with biologists and the Memorial University Botanical Garden, the company will investigate the antioxidant and anti-aging properties of 36 berry-producing plant species native only to Newfoundland.

The province is known for its harsh climatic conditions and experts suggest that the native plants are likely to have developed robust survival mechanisms, including enhanced production of antioxidants.

"At the end of this project, we'll have over 100 formulas, we'll have over 300 extracts from this province that no other cosmetic company in the world has access to," said Walsh.

Indigena products aren't just for the A-listers either. Walsh plans to open a retail outlet in downtown St. John's within a month.