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Newfoundland ponies get new barn for Change Islands sanctuary

Newfoundland ponies on Change Islands moved house this weekend, as the Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary opened its new barn.
The Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary on Change Islands moved its animals into a brand new barn over the weekend 1:43

Newfoundland ponies on Change Islands moved house this weekend, as the Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary opened its new barn.

The new barn was made possible with donations, an online contest and government funding.

Director Netta LeDrew says the new space means the sanctuary will be able to grow, and she wanted to thank anyone who donated.
Netta LeDrew says without the help of donations and people supporting the Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary, the new barn wouldn't have been able to open. (CBC)

"It means everything. It's all I wanted, so I look forward to a very bright future," she said.

"Thank you … from the bottom of my heart, thank you."

LeDrew said there were problems with the old barn that made it difficult to care for the ponies at the sanctuary, but the new red building will better accommodate the animals.

"It was good, it served its purpose for the day. We just never had no running water like I got now, no bathroom, we had a well — both barns had a well," she said.

Newfoundland ponies were moved into the new barn on Change Islands over the weekend. (CBC)

"We used to have to bring the water in buckets. I didn't mind that and I didn't really mind bringing it in the winter, except there was times we had to shovel a lot of snow off the wells."

Now, LeDrew is hoping the new barn will mean a boost for the sanctuary — and the Newfoundland pony population, as well.

"The ponies bring in tourists and the ponies needed a new home and we need a better facility to breed and bring the numbers up," she said. 

The new red barn houses 10 Newfoundland ponies. LeDrew said she hopes the extra space will allow for breeding to start next summer.

Netta LeDrew is hoping the space at the new barn will enable the Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary to start breeding as early as next summer. (CBC)


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