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Take the time to cast a ballot, Avalon Peninsula voters say

On the Avalon Peninsula, people took to social media to report swift-moving lines at their polling stations.

Avalon Peninsula voters urge others to cast ballot

8 years ago
Duration 1:00
Voters on the Avalon Peninsula Monday reported short, swift-moving lines at their polling stations.

Polling stations in Newfoundland and Labrador opened 8:30 a.m. Monday and will remain open until 8:30 p.m.

On the Avalon Peninsula, some took to social media to report swift-moving lines at their polling stations.

Election day

8 years ago
Duration 1:49
Voters went to the polls and the CBC's Zach Goudie got their thoughts.

Some local CBC staff even timed how long it took them to vote. 

In St. John's, resident Barry Andrews voted before noon and encouraged others to do the same. 

"Get out there, cast your ballot and make your voices heard," he said.