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Extreme winter storm: Photos from eastern Newfoundland's monster blizzard

Here are some images of the extreme winter storm that hit eastern Newfoundland, causing snow drifts that buried vehicles and left many people trapped in their homes.

High winds leave snow piled so high it could take several days to dig out

Blowing snow, with more than 70 centimetres falling in some areas of Newfoundland, blocked pathways around this fast-food restaurant in St. John's. (Ryan Crocker/Facebook)

An extreme blizzard left streets deserted across much of eastern Newfoundland, trapping some people in their homes and prompting officials to declare a state of emergency in St. John's.

Here are some scenes, below, of conditions in the provincial capital, where Mayor Danny Breen said businesses were to remain closed on Saturday and all vehicles are prohibited from using city streets, except emergency vehicles.

Snow was piled high over and around vehicles in the city's Battery neighbourhood.

(Ryan Crocker/Facebook)

Even those who managed to leave their homes had no way of travelling far.

(Ariana Kelland/CBC)

At the peak of the storm on Friday, even snowplows were halted due to near-zero visibility.

(Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press)

This dog had to navigate around growing snowdrifts.

(Max Liboiron via Reuters)

Snow surrounded the entrance to this basement apartment in the Airport Heights neighbourhood.

(Ryan Cooke/CBC)

Here's a doorway that was previously blocked due to snow and high winds that hit 157 km/h at the storm's peak.

(Heather Craniford/Facebook)

Some ventured out on Saturday to carve pathways around homes in the city. 

(Sharlene Chaulk/Facebook)

The door of this shed blew open in the Kilbride neighbourhood of St. John's. 

(Photo by Frankie Aylward)

Blizzards are common in Newfoundland, but this storm was set apart by very strong winds and for breaking a single-day snowfall record, which was set in 1999.

(Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press)

Despite a state of emergency in St. John's that ordered business to close, people were seen lining up outside Walsh's Store on St. Clare Avenue on Saturday evening.

People in St. John's were seen lining up outside Walsh's Store on St. Clare Avenue on Saturday evening in apparent defiance of the state of emergency. (Submitted by John Delaney)

The queues continued on Sunday. The state of emergency ordered by the City of St. John's left many businesses closed — with the exception of pharmacies and service stations that provide fuel for snow removal.

(Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press)

Snow removal efforts ramped up on Sunday. Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan said up to 300 Canadian Armed Forces members are on their way.

(Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press)

But it wasn't all work in the capital. While the city pleaded for everyone to stay off the streets, some snowboarders found the fresh powder irresistible.

(Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press)

There was also a new arrival at the height of the blizzard on Friday — an aptly named one too. Levi Jacob Snow was born at the Health Sciences Centre; his father, Kyle Snow, posted a photo on a local storm information page asking for help shovelling out their home, and people answered the call.

(Kyle Snow/Facebook) (Kyle Snow/Facebook)

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