New high-resolution GPS maps developed for Newfoundland snowmobilers

The Newfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Federation is offering a unique navigation tool for those who spend time in the province's back country.
Company TrakMaps has partnered with the Newfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Federation to offer a 'unique' GPS mapping service to the province's snowmobilers, hunters and hikers. (Jay Legere/CBC)

The Newfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Federation (NLSF) is offering a unique navigation tool for those who spend time in the province's back country.

TrakMaps, a company that develops navigational software for GPS units, has teamed up with the NLSF to offer unique mapping information to anyone who purchases it. 

NLSF Chairman Tom Humphrey told CBC's Corner Brook Morning Show that the product is better than anything else Newfoundlanders can find on the market.

"I like two things about it; it's uniqueness and it's priced under any others topographical maps in the country," he said from his home in Woody Point.

"Over the years we've seen a lot of interest in GPS. People have done their own, but it's sort of limited to different areas or different trails — this one gives you province-wide access."

The Newfoundland and Labrador Snowmobile Federation oversees provincial trails and facilities such as a number of remote shelters. (Yvon Theriault/Radio-Canada)

It works by people purchasing either a CD or digital copy of the maps, which they then download on their GPS device. Unlike other available products, the TrakMaps system uses high resolution topographic maps which provide greater detail than other national GPS maps that are available.

Humphrey said while the snowmobile federation is offering the service, the information is not limited just to snowmobile trails. It also includes national park areas, forestry roads, remote shelters operated by the NLSF, cell tower locations, hunting and fishing zones and many other points of interest.

Currently, maps of Labrador are not included in the service.

Year-round use

Humphrey said it's also not just limited to winter use, and can be used during any season.

"It's a year-round product, it goes beyond snowmobiling," he said. "You get the hunters out there and the fishers out there, and people just hiking too."

The cost to purchase the maps is $59.99, but also includes half-priced updates for the first two years. The snowmobile federation gets a percentage of the money made, as they own the GPS tracks that are being used.

Right now the maps can be purchased at three businesses in the province : Rapid Power Sports and Altronics in western Newfoundland and at Mercer's Marine on the east coat. As well, people can download it or order it online.