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New ferries arrive for St-Pierre-Miquelon

The vessels spent 14 days at sea, departing from Turkey, onboard the Atlantic Winter.

Each vessel can transport 200 passengers, 3 tractor-trailers and 15 cars

The ferries arrived Nov. 28 from Turkey. (Tourisme Saint-Pierre et Miquelon/Twitter)

People in St-Pierre and Miquelon — and their vehicles — have a new way to travel, thanks to the arrival of two new passenger ferries. 

The Nordet and Suroit arrived Tuesday night from Turkey, according to the region's tourism association.

Each vessel can transport about 200 passengers, 15 cars and three tractor-trailers.

The new ferries replace an existing boat that could not accommodate vehicles, and operated only from April to December.

Having two vessels on the run will also mean improved access to Miquelon without travelling through St-Pierre.

Business boost for Newfoundland?

The mayor of Fortune said earlier this fall that the new ferry service could prove to be a boost in tourism dollars.

"It should mean a vast expansion of the tourist trade and freight traffic between here and St. Pierre," said Charles Penwell in October.

Charles Penwell, mayor of Fortune, says he expects the new ferries to boost tourism for the Burin Peninsula. (CBC)

He said many residents of the French islands make the trek to Fortune to buy things that are cheaper there.

St-Pierre-Miquelon has a population of just over 6,000 people. The islands are a self-governing territory of France, located 25 kilometres from the coast of Newfoundland.​

Both vessels will undergo two weeks of sea trials before beginning their service to Fortune. The ferry ride will take just over an hour.

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