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Earle McCurdy pledges restoration of commercial cod fishery

The NDP plan to restore the commercial northern cod fishery with pre-moratorium quotas, if elected.
Earle McCurdy promised Saturday that an NDP government under his leadership would re-establish the northern cod fishery. (Bruce Tilley/CBC)

The provincial New Democrats have announced plans to re-establish a viable commercial cod fishery.

At a campaign stop in Petty Harbour on Saturday, NDP Leader Earle McCurdy disclosed the party's plans to try and make life better for fish harvesters.

"The moratorium on fishing the northern cod stock resulted in the largest industrial layoff in Canadian history. The province has been out of the cod selling business for 20 years," he said in a statement. 

"It's time to get back into the cod fishery business. The NDP is committed to get a viable commercial cod fishery once again operating."

Among the party's plan for the fishery is the development of a Newfoundland and Labrador Seafood Branding and Marketing Council to help seafood companies develop and execute strategies for marketing their products.

The NDP also plans to provide stable funding to the Fisheries Technologies and New Opportunities Program and target cod quality improvements, in addition to the re-establishment of the commercial northern cod fishery at pre-moratorium quotas.

McCurdy said that the fishery is a key part of the rural economy of Newfoundland and Labrador.

"We know a resurgent cod fishery could be a permanent, sustainable industry that could sustain a strong and vibrant rural economy in the province," he said.


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