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NDP candidate breaks election rules

A candidate says a fundraising letter was issued prematurely, and is asking his suppporters to ignore it.

A New Democratic candidate says a fundraising letter sent out prior to the issuing of the election writ was done by accident and is asking his suppporters to ignore it.

George Murphy had originally sent an email asking supporters for donations in his race in St. John's East. The letter, from Murphy campaign fundraising co-chair Noel Murphy, reads, "I am writing to ask you to make a donation to help ensure George's campaign has the financial support necessary to win on Oct. 11."

Candidates are forbidden by law to raise money until the election writ is officially issued, which isn't expected to happen until next Monday. 

When contacted by CBC News, Murphy said that he misinterpreted the act and would correct his mistake.

He has since sent an email to his supporters saying it was sent out by mistake.

The email reads, "If you did already make a donation, I will have to send it back."

It then informs recipients that donations can still be made to political parties before the writ is issued.

Meanwhile, the chief electoral office has also received a copy of Murphy's letter and a spokesperson says Murphy will be asked to repay any money raised.