Crane tips over at Muskrat Falls site, operator injured

One worker is being assessed for an injury that Nalcor says is "not deemed at this time to be serious."

1 worker injured, not believed to be serious, Nalcor Energy says

This crane tipped over while dismantling another crane at the Muskrat Falls construction site in Labrador. (Submitted)

An Astaldi day shift at the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric mega project is on hold, after a crane tipped over on its side early Tuesday morning.

The crane was being used to dismantle another crane, when the crane in use tipped onto its side, Astaldi Canada said in a media release.

The operator of the crane was taken to the Labrador Health Centre in Happy Valley-Goose Bay for an assessment, but his injuries are not believed to be serious, Astaldi says.

"We are working with our sub-contractor Capital Crane and our client, Nalcor Energy, to investigate this incident," Astaldi said in its release.

"The health and safety of our employees is our number one priority and we have cancelled today's day shift operation while we focus on the investigation."

"Astaldi's suspension of their day shift is a proactive step to ensure the necessary steps are taken as the incident is investigated," Nalcor Energy said in an earlier news release.

"We will ensure a full safety investigation is completed and that the contractor and its workers implement all safety recommendations that might be identified following this incident."

Occupational health and safety officers from the provincial government are investigating as well to determine the cause of the accident, according to Service NL.

The department said two officers from Labrador West were sent to the site, and another officer in St. John's is also working on the investigation.

"Due to the ongoing investigation we cannot comment further at this time," a spokesperson said in an email to CBC News.

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